6 Replies to “It pays to be a Dancing Monkey for Gun Control.”

  1. That’s the way it worked back in Cuba: membership in the party would get you anywhere ahead of more qualified applicants.
    To the more deserving student whose place Attention Hogg took: welcome to the Republican

  2. He’ll get a solid 3.75 GPA, too. As long as Orange Man Bad! occupies the White House, every professor gives him an automatic good grade no matter what… But not a perfect grade, so as not to raise suspicion.

    The worst thing that could happen to Hogg, at this point, would be for a far left candidate to win the presidency in 2020. Hogg’s future depends on his ability to keep the leftists agitated.

    1. That was an assistance dog for a severely ill woman — the dog attended classes and helped her in her daily life. Hogg will never contribute as much to society.

      1. They also openly called it an honorary degree, it was nothing more than a feel good gesture and everyone knows it… Hogg is going to get a “real” degree.

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