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Starbucks has announced plans to rid stores of single-use cups by 2025 in favor of an all-reusable model. In a press release issued Tuesday, the company detailed plans to achieve its latest “planet positive goal” by encouraging customers to bring their own personal cups to be refilled, or by offering communal cups that guests would be instructed to return upon their next visit.

Those communal cups would then be professionally cleaned at the store and provided to other Starbucks customers, who would in turn repeat the process.

Starbucks is getting rid of single-use coffee cups, introducing a more communal model | WKRN News 2

  1. I have seen the professionals at the store, the ones that still cannot spell “Joe” right. Somehow, I do not trust them doing a good job disinfecting the re-usable cups.
  2. The term “planet positive goal” sounds like “If we can get this burnt coffee with soy milk and sprinkles drinking idiots to bring their own cup, we could save millions in disposable shit.”

More power to them and Viva Capitalism! specially since I refuse to drink that swill.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “It will be OK as long as you wear your mask and have that booster shot.”
  1. “Re-usable coffee cups!
    What could possibly go wrong?

    “Um, the Legal Department is calling to speak with The World-Class Prize-Wining Idiot Who Came Up With That Jackassical Idea To Get Us Sued For Transmitting Every Communicable Disease Known To Man Including Hepatitis and AIDS, on line 2 sir, and I have 378 county Health Borads holding on the main PBX. Do you want them geographically, alphabetically, or in order or rage?”

    Top. Men.

  2. Go to a regular sit-down restaurant and order a cup of coffee. Chances are it will come in a ceramic mug that the restaurant will wash and reuse for another customer. Or order a soda and it will come in a plastic or glass cup.
    This is application of that approach to a takeout business. And even that’s not new, really; milk and soda used to come in glass bottles you returned for a deposit, and got reused after cleaning.
    It’s certainly fair to question Starbucks’s motivation for this, as well as the specific policies and competencies of the personnel for cleaning. But the approach itself is pretty well established in the food service industry.

  3. I really have to wonder how much of a cost there’s going to be from installing dishwashers in every Starbucks. Do they have them now, or big enough ones now? You know some or most of them don’t just have a place waiting for a dishwasher to be installed, and that thing is going to have to run continuously. Their water bills are going to go up.
    The whole reason for going to disposable cups was based on them being cheaper than washing. Going back to washing mugs is only reasonable if the costs are accounted for differently and you can pass them on to consumers.
    Since one of the things they talk about is bringing your own mug, will they charge by the ounce? What’s to keep people from bringing 32 ounce mugs instead of 8 or 12 or whatever their different sizes are?

    1. Silicon,
      Water costs are cheap in the land of 10,000 lakes. The Sewage Bills, based on your water usage are astronomical.

      32 oz. mug? If you are a regular, the fill will be dependent on how much you tip. Just like the bars I used to frequent. When I was tipping more than they made an hour, the drinks were sometimes added to the bill.

  4. Oh no…washing and reusing the same coffee cups over and over again? This will be a disaster.

    Hey. Wait a minute.

    Isn’t that what restaurants have been doing for decades (maybe centuries)? I’m pretty sure they don’t throw those mugs away after every diner is finished with it.

    They’re basically taking the bold and innovative step of doing things the way diners and other restaurants have been doing them for a long, long time. Of course, they’re doing it to save the planet and all, so that’s different or something.

    No skin off my nose, I can’t stand Starbucks coffee. My office buys those bags of starbucks coffee to use in our office coffee maker, so I bring my own coffee and keep one of those air pot carafes at my desk so I can enjoy decent coffee while at work.

    1. I believe that the various state health codes mandate the use of high temp washing machines.
      I also suspect that they already have them to wash the various apparatus used for making all those coffee drinks for people who don’t like coffee.

  5. Yeah, while normally I’d think Miguel is barking up the wrong tree on this, he has a point about the quality of Starbucks employees.

    And the health department WILL demand they put in professional, restaurant grade dishwashers. The kind that are barely one step below a surgical autoclave.

  6. Dishes. The progs have re-invented dishes and are being smug about it… Just like they ruined re-invented gardening as “urban farming” and other such mundane things.

    I swear, if I could stomach spending any time there, I bet that I could get the weaponized autism of 4Chan to help me plant the seeds for getting the progressives to stop using lightbulbs and switch to candles. Making the old joke “how did communists light their homes before candles?” into reality.

  7. 1 – do you think the multiple felon ashing his cigarette into your eggs at the local diner gives any more of a crap about hygiene and food safety? IMO its the same thing with this.

    2 – I see this using way more because I’m never going to remember to return the reusable cups to Starbucks and eventually I’ll have enough of them taking up space I just throw them out. It makes more sense to offer reusable cups to their dine in customers.

    Filling any bring your own is pretty common already lots of places and not a bad idea, as long as they blast the thing with high pressure steam before filling for a few seconds I don’t see a problem. It was always nice to get my travel mug refilled for $1 in college instead of paying $3+ for coffee in a paper cup that wouldn’t stay hot as long.

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