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Bronx Delivery Man Robbed, Beaten In Gang-Style Assault As Disturbing NYC Trend Continues

Oh gee, it’s a trend.

Surveillance cameras in the Bronx caught a brutal assault and robbery of a delivery man by a violent group of attackers.

Police say the 36-year-old victim was making a delivery for Uber Eats when four men ambushed him and pushed the worker off his bike.

The group then punched the victim to the ground and allegedly threatened him with a knife before getting away with his electric bike and iPhone.

A four on one armed robbery.

The gang-style ambush is the latest report in a disturbing and growing trend of groups beating other New Yorkers throughout the city.

Another group of four suspects were caught on camera viciously attacking and robbing a man in Brooklyn on March 12. Surveillance video spotted the suspects as they beat the man unconscious before swarming the victim and taking his belongings.

Remember, unconscious means brain injury.  This is attempted murder.

A teenager was left beaten and stabbed in the Bronx after being brutally attacked by a group of young men last month. Authorities say four suspects were caught on surveillance cameras cornering a 17-year-old inside a building on Feb. 27.

Ooo…. and a stabbing too.

Another teen was beaten and robbed by six men back on Feb. 8. Those suspects allegedly punched the 15-year-old several times before running off with the boy’s phone.

Before that, a pack of six teens are suspected of carrying out at least four attacks on Bronx residents dating back to December of 2018. In each of those incidents, the victims say the group approached them, attacked them, and then stole their iPhones, wallets, and backpacks.

Jesus…  What the fuck is going on in the Bronx?

Maybe it was a good idea for Amazon to pull out of that shit hole before their entire engineering staff was knifed.

It really seems like these surveillance cameras are doing a lot of good.  I wonder why.

Because you can’t identify shit on camera.  Besides the resolution being terrible, it’s technology that can be defeated by a green ski mask or a parka hood and sun glasses.

I guess that stops security cameras from being a deterrence.

The NYPD claims the city’s overall crime rate has dropped to record lows however, officials said they were shifting units to deal with a spike in violent crimes including murders and rapes. The department says many clusters of violence are driven by gang activity and gun violence.

That sounds like a horseshit statement.

“Crime is down but violent gang crime, rape, and murder is up.”

Hooray, fewer people are double parking but more people are getting beaten into TBIs for their iPhones.  Sounds like progress.

I guess New York was pissed that London had more stabbings than they did in 2018 and wanted to go back to being Number 1.

You know what is more effective at stopping four gang members from stabbing you over your cellphone and wallet than a security camera and an inept police force hamstrung by politically correct rules of engagement?

Shooting some gang member in the guts with a JHP.

It’s just too bad that New York City doesn’t have concealed carry.

It’s always the places you need a gun the most that you are most forbidden from carrying one.

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