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4 thoughts on “It’s not about the nail. (Not responsible for destroyed monitors)”
  1. Every engineer I have ever met, including women engineers, end up half way through the clip screaming at the computer “JUST PULL OUT OF THE F**KING NAIL!!!”

    I’ve always wondered if that was the reason there are so few women in engineering, the women that do best in it are the ones that think like men.

  2. This is one of the largest problems in Corporate America; the inability/unwillingness to fix an issue in favor of talking about how someone is saddened/discomifted/annoyed/irritated/put out by the issue.

    They would rather play victim and how the issue has really made them sad or hurt and leave the problem in place than simply fix the issue. The people who refuse to let the issue be fixed and were the most hurt, even if they only THOUGHT they were hurt, are the ones rewarded with a raise, bonus and promotion while those who actually fix the issue get nothing. The ones who caused the issue have already gotten their raise, bonus or promotion and have moved on.

    And there is another corporation that fails and goes down the drain. Que the WHAT HAPPENED? Choruses…


  3. I could only watch half of the second video. Liberal idiot pisswits like the goofy twit with the nail in her head are the problem. They don’t want to “solve” anything. They want to talk and play the victim card.

    This is a good reason to home school your kids. They start the indoctrination earlier every year. Pretty soon it won’t be safe to send your kids to preschool.

  4. I halfway expected the dude to pull the nail out anyway. I probably would have, and yes I have been in trouble for actually doing something. I’m told too often that I’m pushy, in a hurry, believe that actions solve problems, so when this starts up, I just tune it and you out. J- describes engineers well, as we are linear thinkers and get paid for fixing problems.

    Do Not Tell Me About A Problem, Unless You Want ME To Fix IT.

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