Ivy League Stupid is the idea that a person, who otherwise might be very well educated on certain academic matters, is entirely ignorant to the point of incompetence, on fundamental realities of everyday (particularly middle class) life.

UC Irvine may not be an Ivy League school, but that didn’t stop UC Irvine Biological Sciences professor Richard Symanski from suffering from a severe case of Ivy League Stupid.

The professor wasted 5 minutes of his students lives, pontificating on the issue of guns and advocating for gun control at the begining of one of his classes following the San Bernardino shooting.


This professor launches into a screed that is filled with every erroneous and idiotic California liberal unfact and opinion about guns.

  • The 2A was written when our Founding Fathers only had muzzle loaders, so of course it shouldn’t protect semi-autos.  Amd muzzle loaders take 5 minutes to load.

The normal response to this is: So free speech doesn’t extend to TV/Radio/Internet/Digital Media?  But after reading the demands made by protesting college students and SJWs before the UN I’m convinced the Left doesn’t believe in free speech anymore.

  • Beating people up and stabbing them isn’t as bad as shooting them, a/k/a mass killing don’t happen when you don’t have guns.

Tell that to China again and again, or the UK

But the one part that really got to me, truly stood out as the zenith of this professor’s out of touch Ivy League stupidity, was when he was talking about his gun carrying brother-in-law.  His bother-in-law carries a gun “eveywhere.”  He (the brother-in-law) was also a prison guard at Utah State Prison.

I went to college in the same town that executed Timothy McVeigh and served the Blues Brothers some really bad cabbage rolls.  I went to school with the children of some of the guards.  They has a surreal life.  Their dads went to work to guard some of the worst people in the country.  They lived under the ever present threat that some released inmate or inmate’s gang associates would try and take revenge against them or their family.  I can imagine that state prison guards face many of the same threats as federal guards.

Knowing that, carrying all the time seems more than reasonable.

But Dr. Unfact tries to proselytize the gun free life to this retired guard.  What out of touch insanity.  What utter self satisfaction in the conviction that he knows better than this old guard.  Notice how he uses a mocking tone to describe his brother-in-law’s carry habits.  What liberal elite arrogance.

“I know there are ex-cons out there that would probably kill you to look at you, but you really should consider not carrying a gun everywhere because it hurts my feelings.”

Armed with these untruths and hyperbole, this old California hippie professor tries to convince his students to take up the mantle of political action for gun control.

This guy is the physical embodiment of the great quote by Ronald Reagan: “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Ivy League Stupid”
  1. Very much like my bother’s NYC attorney friend who felt free to lecture me/us on “how easy it is to buy a gun at a gun show” Ever bought a gun at a gun show, homey? (nope). Ever bought a gun, bro? (Nope) Well, my Long Suffering Wife has, both of these things, why, just two weeks ago. Tell him about it, Sweetie! (That’s not how it works! That’s just not so!) Wow. Thanks for the identifier: Ivy League Stupid.

    1. Tell him he’s not allowed to say stupid things about topics he has no knowledge about until he comes to a gun show with you and buys something there. Maybe a nice bolt-action .22 plinker. He’s a lawyer, he can afford it.

      Bonus points if he fails the background check.

  2. For me the frustration that he experienced with not converting his brother-in-law into a disarmed victim was illuminating. He simply could not comprehend why someone would be armed at all times.

    It makes me wish that the advocates for gun control all would suffer the fear and danger of a violent crime against them. Many would take the wrong lesson from the experience and try even harder to disarm me, but a few might see the light.

    1. That’s why they need to take the guns – to force you to live as they want you to live, to mouth whatever they want you to say, and to praise them for their wisdom and sensitivity. These things can’t happen in the real world.

  3. Meanwhile, while the clueless try and fail to get “OMG! Gunz! Ban them!” to stick, a lot of people are thinking “OMG! I don’t have a gun!!! Got to buy one!!”

  4. These are the people polluting the young minds of the world until we are all living in a world that don’t exist.Then be slaughtered by the thousands like sheep that they all want us to be.I guess it is a good thing I don’t hear very well so I will remain out of the herd.

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