I used to to have respect for Jake Tapper.  CNN was  failing organization, but Tapper still had some journalistic integrity.  That was until the Parkland Town Hall.

Not all the bodies were buried and CNN orchestrated a two hour hate on the NRA, Dana Loesch, and Marco Rubio.

Now, nearly six months later, Jake Tapper is acknowledging the path to the shooting that was uncovered by the quality work of the Sun Sentinel.

Maybe back in February, the CNN town hall should of consisted of the Parkland kids and the parents of those killed engage in a public grilling of Sheriff Israel, the Broward County school board, and the Broward County Department of Children and Family Services.

Hell, they should have even brought in the Chief for Police for the City of Clear Water just to heap shit on Sheriff Israel about why the BSO kept them from responding.

Jake Tapper should have asked Sheriff Israel and Scot Peterson why he didn’t follow protocol.  Why Cruz was never arrested and charged after some 40 or more encounters with the BSO.  Why did the BSO ignore the warning and tips.  Why the school board didn’t follow up with Cruz’s request for special schooling or why his behavioral problems with the Promise Program were covered up.

All the would have been a lot more relevant.

But that’s hard work that takes time.  Let some local paper do the digging, CNN has to generate ratings with a spectacle of injustice.

I would give anything for the first question of the town hall on February 22nd to be addressed to Scot Peterson and for it to have been:

Deputy Peterson, you are a School Resource Office. Your job, your only job, is to maintain the safety of the children at MSD High School.  So why when Nicholas Crus started shooting, did you violate policy and drive away in a golf cart and hide behind a stair case like a chicken shit coward?

When Trump calls the media the enemy of the people, it’s shit like this that makes it so I can’t get too upset about it.

CNN lead an attack on the NRA and gun rights.  The CNN town hall birthed the Parkland kids’ activism that resulted in the passing of gun control in Florida.

If CNN had presented at the town hall then what the Sun Sentinel has revealed now, I bet the bill passed as a result of the Parkland shooting would have been to strip public employees of qualified immunity and an enforceable dereliction of duty standard.

Tapper acknowledging the work of the Sun Sentinel now, half a year after his court of public opinion show trial is just insulting and shows why the media can’t be trusted.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Jake Tapper discovers journalism”
  1. This stuff makes a lot more sense once you realize that TV anchors are not journalists (not even in the modern sense). Instead, they are word-mouthers.
    Neil Smith explained it well when he pointed out that anchors need to understand just two things: hair spray, and office politics. Subjects like journalism, investigation, or anything else of that sort is quite irrelevant to what they do.

  2. Jake Tapper is not a journalist. He has previously worked for the Brady Campaign and is a dyed in the wool gungrabber. Why do you think that town hall was a full on hate fest of the Republican party and the NRA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_Tapper
    Now he is just trying to provide himself some cover and distance himself from the shitshow he orchestrated.

      1. From the slang and some other stuff, it looks like Venezuela. No specifics, but it looks like originally was just chest thumping till the one guy pulled the knife. Stuff escalated.

        A lot of people play baseball in Venezuela… and they are good.

  3. Not bragging, but I quit watching TV news many years ago. I never looked back. So, when people mention, in conversation, names… I say, “Jake who? Never heard of him!” And then, if they are willing, I can get into a discussion of why America should abandon TV and tell them to go to hell. If only one mind is changed, it’s worth it.

  4. “When Trump calls the media the enemy of the people, it’s shit like this that makes it so I can’t get too upset about it.”

    Point of order!

    Trump called “fake news” the enemy of the people, not “the media.” The media who are behind the fake news are promulgating the idea that he said “the media” when he was specifically calling out certain portions of the media. The fact that it happens to be a rather large portion, notwithstanding.

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