Journalists, as a class, are fucking stupid.

I cannot begin to convey to you just how fucking stupid they are.

All they know how to do is parrot jargon and prefabricated talking points.

“Why didn’t the police do that thing that they do in movies where the good cop stops the bad guy without killing him and then says a snappy one-liner?”

Because you’re fucking stupid, that’s why.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Journalists are dumbasses who think that TV shows are reality”
  1. It’s not just police officers who are trained this way. I was taught that you shouldn’t pull a gun unless you need use it, and never shoot a gun unless it is vital that a person be stopped (knowing that death is a possible outcome.) To stop them, you don’t shoot for the arm or the leg – you shoot for center mass. Big target, likelihood of stopping is high.

    The difference between a civilian and a police officer is that civilians are taught that, whenever possible, we should avoid situations where there is a likelihood of having to engage someone. When possible, we can walk away. When prudent, we can simply avoid places and people who pose a threat. Police officers are called to dangerous places and face dangerous people everyday, and some situations that don’t seem dangerous can escalate very quickly. Maybe things could be improved with more training and more attention to an officer’s temperament and fitness for the job, but training to shoot for an appendage isn’t an improvement.

    As for shooting the leg, hit the femoral artery and they’re likely to die of acute hemorrhage. People have watched too many movies and tv shows.

  2. I think part of the reason those reporters are parroting this kind of stupidity is that it’s the same sort of stupidity that comes regularly from the mouth of Joe Biden.

  3. Add to that, they have never actually fired a gun.

    If they had, the would know that getting the bullseye is not as easy as it look. Especially on a moving target. Even people who have been shooting for decades cannot be 100% assured they will hit a moving target.

    Instead of responding to the question, the Chief should have taken the reporter to the range and asked them to show him how easy it is to do.

  4. Last time I checked the femoral artery is in the leg. Put a bullet through that and it’s probably fatal. Idiots.

  5. Once again ignorant or willfully lying journalists are perpetuating dangerous, and in most places illegal, lies and misconceptions. You’re much more likely to miss or simply maim a potential killer if you try a Hollywood trick shot. And in every state that I know the laws for civilian gun use, if you try to shoot to disarm or disable an assailant the Prosecutors will say it’s evidence that you weren’t truly in fear for your life. And were therefore not justified to use lethal force.

    It’s royally stupid to take any advice from journalists or politicians. Unfortunately a ton of people do these days

  6. If “Our Friends the Journalists” had (a) a lick of sense, (b) a lick of curiosity, and/or (c) the web savvy that my 7 year old grand daughter has, they could search out “TCCC”, or “combat casualty care, or “care of wounds in battle”, and eventually find out why tourniquets are pieces of kit, prominently affixed to the exterior of warfighter’s load out. (or, increasingly, police officers’).

    “Tell me again how you would simply shoot him in the leg, and end the fight? I particularly like the part about how he turned his life around, pursued his rap career, and finished medical school, discovering a cure for flatulence”

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