This is the greatest story in the world right now and nobody is talking about it.

A manhunt for career soldier Jürgen Conings (46) has been underway in Belgium since 17 May, when Conings allegedly stole an arsenal of deadly weapons from a military barracks and went on the lam.

This is incredible.

Conings is a sniper with the Belgian Air Component.  He got tired of the lockdowns and masking orders, asked some non-conforming questions, and the military called him a “Right wing extremist.”

He then stole a bunch of weapons, threatened the Belgian equivalent to Dr. Fauci, and disappeared into a Belgian national park and disappeared.  He’s been gone for a few weeks and Belgium is shitting itself in fear.

This is the beginning of First Blood but with a mask mandate instead of vagrancy.

Conings is the hero we need.


Our military is being purged of patriots as “extremists” and we were hobbled by a bullshit mask mandate from a partisan hack playing a virologist.

Makes me wonder how many of our own guys are tempted to run off into the woods rather than put up with the bureaucratic face stamping anymore.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Jurgen Conings is the hero we need”
  1. A “rightwing extremist with guns” would be on the news cycle 24/7.

    The reason it isn’t (not even in Germany and we share a border with Belgium) is , imho, simple:

    They don’t want to advertize radical nonconformism.
    It WILL backfire as many people see it as guidelines and not as a warning.

    We are all fed up.

  2. Probably not a relative, though his name is a variant spelling of my last name. It’s a fairly common one in Holland and Belgium.

  3. A note on US military “purging” – where do you think all these purged soldiers are gonna go??? Straight to a Trump rally, thats where.

  4. Supposedly (only heard this through Internet scuttlebutt, can’t find any news articles to confirm), a half-dozen or so Belgian soldiers who went into the National Park looking for him have “disappeared.” So either he killed them or there’s now a fire team rogue soldiers running around instead of a lone Rambo.

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