Donald Trump Jr. is a noted big-game hunter.  He has traveled the world, spending lots of money, to hunt some of the most exotic game on the planet.

Readers of this blog and people in the gun culture, in general, know that legal hunters are the best environmentalists.  They put their money where their mouth is, and spend more on conservation through taxes and fees (not to mention donations) than all the bird watchers and EV drivers put together.

But the economic reality of big game hunting is neither here nor there to the radical anti-gun crowd.

All they care about is hate.

More accurately: “This is Donald Trump Jr.  He spent north of $30,000 to hunt an old elephant.  Most of that money went to local tribes and anti-poaching efforts to protect other elephants that are still capable of breeding.”

This is where Tom Arnold goes from a regular piece of shit to an incredeble piece of shit.


Tom Arnold is fantasizing about killing Donald Trump Jr. because he disagrees with his stance on legal hunting and then wants to cut off Trump Jr.’s penis as a trophy.

That is a sick and evil position to take.

This is pure hate.  It should be exposed for what it is.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Just a reminder that they hate us and our culture”
  1. “cartoon sized knife”??? I think my folding knife at work is bigger than that. Guess Arnold don’t know what real knives look like.

  2. I do believe that Tom does have a mental issue. And I am not saying TDS but something that will lead to death of great bodily harm of somebody when he finally flips. He has that true crazy look about him.

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