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Our new Gen2 Premium series pistols have increased the value added on our Premium pistols to an even higher level. The tolerances are tightened, magazine catch release is reversible, serrations are machined in the front of slide, the trigger stroke has been shortened allowing for quicker firing rates with an integrated trigger safety, an accessory rail has been added on the frame and Tru Glo® night sights on our Gen2 Premium pistols. In addition we are adding a 5 inch barrel and a 6 inch barrel with an integrated

via Kahr GEN2 Premium Series.


I am impressed with the quality of the Kahr I have and I had already made my mind that I wanted to stay with them for the next utilitarian handgun buy. But this one is just too sexy to pass up and I rather have it than one of the new-fangled Glocks.

I know it won’t be cheap. I do need to play the damned lotto.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “Kahr GEN2 Premium Series? Yes please!”
  1. Sweet. I’ve been looking at getting a CT9 myself. I wouldn’t turn that one down if I had the money though, but the $340 for the CT9 I might swing where that looks like its in the $1000 or more range. The wife would have “something to say” and she will. be. heard.

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