A death-worshiping fascist?


Born December 30, 1950, in Havana, Cuba.

His childhood was the Cuban Revolution.

This is a man who has seen death-worshiping statists destroy a country with his very own eyes.

There is a reason Benitez’s decision contained the wording: ” the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment.”

This is a man who knows firsthand what happens when people do not have the weapons to defend themselves or their homeland.  They get stood up against a pot-marked wall by some death-worshiping statists.

I’m 100% positive that what went through his head when he was coming up with his decision were images from the news of Antifa waving Communist flags and wearing Che shirts.

The reason Olbermann is so angry is that Olbermann imagines himself leading the firing squad, giving the orders to shoot the people that stand in the way of his Progressive utopia.  Now he has to imagine trying going door to door, leading his Antifa goon squad under withering fire from knuckle-dragging Redneck Trump supporters.


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann is projecting his unhinged insanity again”
  1. Oberman- another pimple on the ass of life that hates the Country that gave him everything that he has. We the People STILL vastly outnumber them.

  2. That is some astonishingly impressive sophistry from Olbermann in any case.

    The word ‘own’ isn’t in the Second Amendment? There are a LOT of words that aren’t present in the Constitution, Keith. Would you like that level of scrutiny applied to the First?

    1. Oh, I think we know his answer already … even if he’s not willing to say so right at this moment.

    2. The way I read the plain English of the Constitution, “keep” is a synonym of “own”. Both means “to have in your possession”.

    3. “Would you like that level of scrutiny applied to the First?”

      Yes they would, with them doing the scrutinizing and approving what is and isn’t allowed to be said.

  3. I would love to be able to tell this horse’s ass that “keep and bear arms” directly implies ownership.

    1. Also, thanks for the background info on this brilliant judge. Wonder how many brilliant people were killed by Fidel, Che, and their ilk.

  4. “Death worshiping fascist” Honestly, I kind of like the ring of this, sort of like “ammosexual” or “right wing nut job”. Of course I don’t worship death and I’m not a fascist, but Keith and people who think like him will never be dissuaded.

    “We can no longer tolerate gun nuts in the judiciary”. What do you intend to do about it, Keith?

    1. Some of us also (technically) engage in ritual canabilsm. Now sit back and watch liberal heads explode. Metaphorically, of course. 😉

  5. If one can “keep and bear arms” without owning them, does that mean they should be issued to everyone by the gov’t

    1. I once contemplated the notion that if the demoncraps held the right to keep and bear arms in the same light they considered free speech and other rights, they would have mandated that the goobermint issue each citizen their own rifle (of whatever standard issue of the time, M1/M14/M16 etc) and basic load of ammo, at no cost to the citizen

      1. No, that’s an easy mistake to make. The left pretends to like free speech. But they actually do not. They want free speech ONLY for themselves, they do not want us to have it.
        So by the same reason, the left would want to issue those rifles and ammo only to its friends. Say, to Antifa — but not to honest citizens.

  6. If the honorable Judge Benitez is every in my presence, he drinks for free. Whether it is beer, rum, or cafecito.

    The man knows what he was doing.

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