Here is the headline:

Damn! See? We live in a police state! This is what they do in Communist China, Fuckers!

And now, the Paul Harvey:

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) — A Florida police officer fatally shot a man who wrestled a gun away from a second officer.

An officer attempted to pull the man over after smelling marijuana coming from his car. Police said the man didn’t stop and began throwing drugs out the car window.
The man eventually stopped in front of a home and got out of the car. An officer tried to arrest him and he resisted. He wrestled with and disarmed the officer.

Florida police fatally shoot man seen tossing drugs from car

This is irresponsible inflammatory click bait. What are they trying t achieve? Income Via Fake News? Hopefully a cop gets shot because of the false headline and they got more news to cover?



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