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  1. Ukrainian Jews really raising the bar on bat mitzvah gifts… We got our eldest daughter a fancy necklace (real pearls) so she’d have something mature and adult to wear at fancy functions. Now her little sister is going to expect a main battle tank or at least a self-propelled artillery unit.

    1. I’m hardly an expert, but I’m an avid wargamer who spent many happy days fighting a hypothetical “Cold War Gone Hot” scenario using tiny plastic tanks on my kitchen table… I think that might be a T-80, based on the appearance of the wheels, turret, and general shape.

      A T-80 is in the 40-45 tonne range, IIRC, but is only something like 32’ long and 7’ tall…

      Surely at least one of this blogs other readers spent the Eighties in the Fulda Gap, waiting for the inevitable day when Gorbachev would invade West Germany… Right? They’d be much better equipped to answer this question.

      1. 2S25 Sprut 20 ton light tank/tank destroyer.

        Most people are familiar with Main Battle Tanks but those are 50 to 70 tons.

        A fully loaded semi is 40 tons.

        So in urban conditions, light tanks or armored fighting vehicles in the 20 ton range allow for maneuvers on streets that cannot support the load of a MBT.

        We have a similar weapon, the M8 mobile gun system which looks like a tank but is made of Aluminum.

        Our most common armored fighting vehicle is the Stryker mobile gun system which is a wheeled vehicle. An APC outfit with a 105mm gun from the M60 Patton.

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