“Learn to code” harassment is the best news of the day

Go read Miguel’s post about Twitter shutting down people who were telling a bunch of smug, gender studies majors who were being paid to write op-eds about the evils of white hetero-normative cis-patriarchy, that they should learn to code after getting shit canned because nobody wants to pay for a subscription to HuffPo when they can get that crap for free on Tumblr.

Now consider that Twitter did NOTHING to stop the targeted harassment of the Covington Catholic School kids, or their families.  The school was closed down for a few days due to the number of death threats received.  Celebrities and politicians spread false and defamatory information about these kids.  They were doxxed.

Nick Sandamnn, the smirking kid, and his family have retained L. Lin Wood, the defamation attorney famous for defending Richard Jewell, the security guard blamed for the Atlanta Olympic bombing.

This incredible bias by Twitter is an orgy of evidence that Twitter should be held liable as a publisher, for every libel and threat made against Sandmann and the rest of the Covington Catholic School kids.

Twitter has an equity standing of roughly $5 Billion.  I’d like to see a Catholic School kid in Kentucky get a sizable chunk of that.

I can guarantee that will open the floodgates of libel lawsuits against Twitter, and eventually Facebook, by every defamed person who has been the subject of a ginned up hate mob.

Twitters bias will be their undoing.

9 Replies to ““Learn to code” harassment is the best news of the day”

    1. Please … And would you mind grabbing the white cheddar Kernel Season’s while you’re over that way? (Trying to cut down the saturated fats, you know… My goal is to drop a letter off OFWG and only one of those letters is really an option…)

  1. Speaking as a developer with 25 years experience — we don’t want them. We’re having enough problems with people who have weaponized “sensitivity”.

    1. I was thinking along those lines myself. I’m not a programmer by profession, but I do work in a field requiring knowledge of logic and causality. Trying to imagine getting some of these folks reeducated enough to be useful …

  2. “Twitters bias will be their undoing.”

    Give them enough rope, as the saying goes.

    These progtard “journalists” have only themselves to blame, and to be brutally honest, I’m fresh out of $*#&% to give about them.

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