If you have been paying attention to the news, Donald Trump spoke before the Israeli-American Council a couple of days ago.  The IAC is an organization that serves Israeli-Americans, which makes it different than AIPAC which is mostly Jewish Americans who support Israel.

So how did the media report on Trump speaking to the IAC?

Business Insider: Trump accused of anti-Semitism after saying Jewish Americans will vote for him so they can avoid a wealth tax


Washington Post: Trump accused of ‘dipping into a deep well of anti-Semitic tropes’ during speech to Jewish voters

CNN: Trump is trafficking in anti-Semitic tropes. It must stop

This last article was insufferable, because it was written by Jew-hating Young Turk, Dean Obeidallah.

Even AOC got in on the act, saying: This is outright and atrocious antisemitism coming from the President, and it is dangerous.

So what did Trump say that was so terrible?

That is absolutely true.

Despite what some Leftist “secular” Jews (induing some popular Progressive Rabbis) say, there are actual tenets of Judaism, they are the 10 Commandments and the 613 Mitzvot.

There is also an overarching theme to Judaism.  We are God’s chosen people, commanded to live as examples of how he wants us to live, and in exchange for that, we have been granted the land of Israel as our birthright as part of this covenant.  If you are a Jew and you don’t believe in Jewish control over Israel, you are tossing out one of the core articles of our faith.

The difference is, that you can’t be a Catholic and believe that Jesus was not the son of God, or a Muslim and believe that Muhammad was not the prophet.  Because Judaism is considered both an ethnicity/identity and a religion there are people who identify as Jews but don’t believe in the core principles of Judaism.  These are the “secular Jews” or “atheist Jews” or “anti-Zionist Jews” that I have nothing but contempt for, as they do nothing but provide cover for Jew-haters to openly spread their vile garbage but say “these Jews agree with me, so I’m not an antisemite.”  Yes, they are, and IfNotNow is a 5th column.

Trump is right to call out Progressive Jews for needing to love Israel more.

What else?

He’s not talking about Jews in general.  Clearly he’s talking about real estate developers.  Not just real estate developers, but the high-dollar real estate developers that Trump has done business with.

You’d think that if the media wanted to do a slightly better job of smearing Trump, they could have edited the first few seconds off that clip.

Also, Trump is right.  My grandmother was in high-dollar real estate in South Florida.  Those people are sharks.

He’s also right about what Warren’s wealth tax would do the millionaire investment class who develop the real estate.

The dead giveaway that this wasn’t an antisemitic screed was the cheers and applause of the audience.

Here is how the Jerusalem Post reported on this speech:

‘The best show in town’: In IAC speech, Trump felt at home – analysis

When the Israeli American Council announced that US President Donald Trump would be the 2019 keynote speaker, the event was immediately sold out.

Some 4,000 people attended the Diplomat Beach Resort ballroom on Saturday night, some of them wearing Make America Great Again hats.

The crowd welcomed Trump with chants of “four more years,” followed by an introduction from Miriam and Sheldon Adelson, the IAC’s most significant donors. “It is the best show in town,” an IAC volunteer from California told The Jerusalem Post.

That’s a lot different than how the US media presented the story.

Just to clue you in, Israelis love Trump, giving him an approval rating of 69% in the latest poll.

It was also interesting to watch his condemnation of the BDS movement. For the past few months, administration officials are learning the facts about BDS and its effect on college campuses. Trump’s decision to invite a college student on stage to share her personal experience might indicate that the administration is willing to take a more active role in fighting BDS.

This is why the media reported on the event the way they did.  BDS is at the heart of the DNC.  The loudest Democrat voices are BDS supporters.

The president went on to wonder how come that given all these actions, there aren’t more Republican supporters in the Jewish community, saying some American Jews “don’t love Israel enough.”

Some Jewish Democratic organizations said these remarks were offensive. “We strongly denounce these vile and bigoted remarks in which the president – once again – used antisemitic stereotypes to characterize Jews as driven by money and insufficiently loyal to Israel,” said Halie Soifer, Jewish Democratic Council of America executive director. The Democratic Majority for Israel lobby group sharply criticized his remarks as well.

Dual loyalty my ass.  Maybe ask why Democrats like Warren campaign with the Progressive “Jewish” group IfNotNow, which supports BDS and has been totally silent on BDS activists who call for the genocide of Israeli Jews.

This is what I think of when I see Jews support Democrats, especially far-Leftist ones like Warren, Sanders, and Omar.

Why do I say this?

Because in a story you won’t see reported on by CNN or HuffPo or WaPo or retweeted by AOC is this:

Bernie Sanders campaign staffer departs after anti-Semitic, other offensive tweets surface: reports

A newly hired community organizer for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign has left just days after taking the job – reportedly because some of his past tweets allegedly contained anti-Semitic and homophobic statements, as well as derogatory remarks about women and Asians.

On Friday, the Republican Jewish Coalition, based in Washington, had called upon Sanders to fire Gordon.

“It is outrageous that Bernie Sanders would hire him, given Gordon’s history of posting blatantly anti-Semitic comments on social media,” The RJC wrote in a statement.

Apparently he loved to talk about “Jew money.”

This should come as no surprise since Linda Sarsour is a Bernie spokesperson and he is backed by Omar and Talib.  There seem to be a lot of overt Jew-haters in Bernie’s circle.  That’s not unexpected for socialist in general.

But nobody in the US media will ever accuse Bernie, or Omar or Tlaib for that matter, of being the kind of antisemite they accuse Trump of being.

The reason that the media are constantly accusing Trump of antisemitism is simply this.

This spot-on cartoon from Red Pill Jew:

Clearly the first panel is accurate.

Trump is the only Republican I can see who is actively fighting the second panel by trying to recruit Jews over to the Republican party.

He is trying to get Jews to leave the Democrat vote plantation and the Democrats and media will do everything they can to stop him.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Leftist Antisemitism projection of the day, IAC edition”
  1. Sad aint it??? Funny how dems say anything at all and its crickets. Trump says I love you to a Jew and Trump is anti Jewish. Funny how us “uneducated” knuckle draggin “deplorables can see it but the media elites and dumbacrats wont… next Nov gonna be interesting

  2. Trump is also actively courting the Black and Hispanic votes, BUT not by pandering to their existing “Leadership,” which is corrupt, and entrenched at and chained to the progressive government slop trough full of government money.

    Trump is asking individual voters for their votes by making their lives better, not by going hat in hand to their self appointed and media approved “leadership,” which is beholden to the Democrat Party for their personal sinecures.

    Most of the individuals in these groups will mindlessly continue to vote the way they always have been told to by their Democrat owned “Leadership,” but if PDT and the Republicans can pull a quarter to a third of them to vote Republican consistently, that will destroy the Democrat Party as a national party.

    Trump is going after these voters as individuals, not as members of a victim grievance group. He is doing this by actually making a case for individualism, personal responsibility, and classical conservatism; all while the professional conservative movement is sniping at him and telling people to “Vote Democrat Progressivism to Save Conservative (Paid Elites).”

    He will not get them all to vote Republican. But everyone that does vote for individual responsibility and for freedom is our Ally

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