I saw this online because I don’t watch The Daily Show.

I guess it is supposed to be funny, but it’s not.  What it is, is very revealing of the Left’s true beliefs.


First of all, the Left just assumes that gun owners are all Conservative homophobic bigots and that if they “make guns gay” that those same people would give up their because of the icky gayness.

Not is this just anti-Conservative bigotry – assuming that all Conservatives are bigots – it is glaringly homophobic.

The Left continues to prove that they don’t really like gays, just that homophobia is a convenient identity politics brickbat with which to beat opponents.  As soon as homophobia makes a convenient punchline for an attack, they will use it.

This also discounts the rise in the number of gays (and other minorities) who are discovering gun rights as it becomes more and more clear that they are going to have to defend themselves because incompetent, ham-fisted, politicized law enforcement is incapable of doing that (see the failure of the Orlando PD and the Pulse shooting).

Lastly, they can mock “manly gun culture” as being gay all they want, but at the heart of gun culture is a belief in the right to self-defense and to resist oppression and tyranny.  It’s telling that ultimately what they want is for people to reject self-defense and resistant to tyranny as icky and unpalatable.

Everything about this clip is ugly, bigoted, and wrong.  So it makes sense that The Daily Show thinks it’s funny.  Which is why woke scolds suck at comedy so much.

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By J. Kb

24 thoughts on “Leftist Comedians think that homophobic bigotry is a good way to push an anti-gun message”
  1. Whenever my fellow conservative/libertarian activists learn that I’m openly bisexual and in a same-sex marriage, the response is basically “Meh.”

    Whenever LGBT activists (of the progressive alignment) learn that I’m openly conservative/libertarian, the response is basically “Burn the heretic!”

    Now, I know that personal anecdotes aren’t hard data but if you ask any “right-wing” LGBT person about this they’ll probably tell you the same thing.

    The “left-wing” is ultimately incompatible with homosexuality. The end goal of the socialist project is a society where everyone is subservient to the collective state in all things… Homosexuality doesn’t serve the collective. It’s individual pair bonding (which results in loyalty to partner over loyalty to the state) that doesn’t produce more workers (the only reason collectivism tolerates heterosexual monogamy). Individualism must be extinguished.

    The “right-wing,” on the other hand, has the end-goal of leaving you alone as long as you don’t violate anyone else’s right to be left alone.

    If not for the co-opting of the GOP by religious collectivists from the Seventies through the Nineties, the LGBT community wouldn’t be so joined at the hip to the progressives.

    1. Excellent point here:
      “Homosexuality doesn’t serve the collective. It’s individual pair bonding (which results in loyalty to partner over loyalty to the state) that doesn’t produce more workers (the only reason collectivism tolerates heterosexual monogamy).”

      However…homosexuality is an excellent pry bar that the leftists can use to destabilize conventional relationships. In fact, the relative acceptance of gays in society has become so ubiquitous that the prybar has dulled. Ergo, the push for transgenderism.

      And, you are absolutely correct in your assessment of the religious collectivists from the 70s. If they just left the gays alone to live in peace, they would not be on the left side of the aisle en masse.

      1. Homosexual relationships are conventional relationships.

        Despite the imagery of us all being fabulous fashionistas with chiseled abs engaged in non-stop cocaine fueled orgies, truth is that most of us are just plain boring folks. We argue over who’s going to fold the laundry, bicker over who left the wet towel on the bathroom floor, and the closest I ever get to an orgy is a particularly feisty sale on cheese at Costco.

        Honestly, the only thing that’s changed significantly from being married to woman to being married to a man is that sorting the laundry is a lot more difficult as I can’t tell my socks apart from his as easily as I could hers.

        1. Ish…

          Apologize for a poor choice of word. However, may I suggest you focus on the overall point.

          The only reason why the left supported gay rights and now trans rights is because it served to destroy what they see as the norm. (Oh, sorry…. bad choice of word there as well…) Back to my point. Because openly homosexual relationships are in fact becoming a regularly occurring part of day to day life (is that OK to say? It is what I meant by norm, and previously by conventional.) (Yes, I know same sex relationships have been going on for ages, but doing so openly is a lot more common. Oh… crap, that is probably worse. Sorry.) simply being gay does not drive a large enough wedge into …. well… what do I call it??? Everyday life?

          Crap. Thanks. Now I am afraid to actually write anything in response. How do I describe what the left is trying to destroy (which is the Rockwell painting image of a family) without using terms that you will find insulting?

          You have a great day now, Ish. Your point was spot on. In the view of the leftist, the only thing that you should show loyalty to is the State, and marriage, between any two people regardless plumbing is a problem and must be destroyed.

          1. I was mostly just yanking your proverbial chain with the “conventional” bit. I’m not a humorous wokescold, I can glean meaning from context.

                1. If you see my username above a comment*, it’s easiest just to assume that most of the comment (if not the entirety of it) was intended as snark. Even at my most somber and serious, I’m still writing with tongue in cheek.

                  Yo’ mama’s tongue that is!

                  *Even if Askimet only puts my avatar on half of them for some reason.

        2. That depends on the sort of person the gay is. I know I already mentioned this to you elsewhere (at the time I wasn’t sure if you were being serious or facetious though), there IS a sizeable portion of the LBGT “movement”, specifically the “Pride” movement, which openly states that their goal is political and leftist, and that their ultimate intent is to erode and destroy the very concept of marriage, monogamous “conventional” relationships, our “Puritan” ideas about sex and morality and promiscuity, etc, to be replaced with a looser, more casual culture of “hookups” and promiscuity based on the stereotypical gay “cruising” culture. They also want to do away with the idea of children being exclusively raised and in the custody of parents, to have children raised “by the community” instead, along with various other things. I heard this all from a man claiming to be a founding member of Pride, on an interview with NPR, and I doubt it was a false flag or hoax.. I remember well that he claimed that most members of pride viewed other gays who supported same-sex marriage as “traitors to the cause”, because they were simply asking to be accepted into the traditional institution, rather than keeping up the fight until the institutions were dissolved and replaced by a looser, more casual “gay” lifestyle and way of thinking.
          I mean, I would have sworn the whole thing was made up propaganda intended to scare conservative listeners into opposing Pride and the gay movement more strongly, if it wasn’t being broadcast on prime time evening rush hour on NPR radio. I wish I had noted down the man’s name; he claimed he had been involved with Pride since the 1960s, and was still a leading member.
          So the main “gay rights” group openly admits they are a leftist political organization with no intention of stopping merely with getting gays accepted into American culture, their entire aim is to destroy and replace that culture. And of course you are :homophobic” and an evil person if you dare speak out against Pride or oppose them. You must fly their flag, and openly support their parades or you are an evil bigot. It’s a prime example of the modern leftist revolution. You and many others are the “traitors to the cause” they spoke of (another typically leftist theme), and we’re glad to have you. In fact it was listening to that interview that first made me start thinking about the segment of gay culture they call “conservative”, and how it’s time to encourage people to think of them as allies, or potential allies, and to stop making “the gays” as a whole the enemy. Because whatever you think of gay marriage, it’s a whole lot better than what Pride proposes.
          Sorry, I know I said some of this before, but I wanted to expand on it, and I thought it would be worth posting it for other people to see as well.
          Pride may not even represent the what the majority of gays actually WANT, but they do speak the loudest, and claim to be the representatives of the LGBTQ movement, and so they effectively get to speak for gays. And what they want is not traditional, boring marriage. They want cultural revolution.

    2. There’s two types of people that demonstrate.
      The first just wants to be left alone, and wants to be able to exercise the same rights as everyone else- or are honestly supporting those people.

      The others just want people to pay attention to them, and don’t care if that attention is positive or negative.

  2. I seem to recall something to the effect that Chris Cheng had an easier time coming out as a gay person to his gun friends, than coming out as a gun person to his liberal friends.

    Sounds like little has changed.

    1. See it for yourself in the comments thread of any Blaire White video on YouTube, any Tweet from the Log Cabin Republicans, or whatever social media platform you like.

  3. Send them links to Blazing Sword and Armed Equality, never mind that that the upcoming GRPC has an entire panel devoted to the issue w/ multiple speakers. Watch their heads explode.

  4. My guns have no apparent sexual attractions to anyone, let alone each other.

    If my .22 did want to engage in a homo-erotic relationship with my 9mm, that’s their business. But I’m pretty sure it’ll never happen.

    Not because the 9mm is homophobic, but because they both are inanimate objects, incapable of feeling or making any decisions for or against.

    What is it with Leftists and the constant need to ascribe human attributes and feelings to inert objects? Psychologically, that’s called fetishism (and not the fun kind), and it only abrogates and disregards responsibility for human actions in favor of inanimate objects supposedly acting of their own volition.

    And they say WE are the crazy wingnuts….

  5. I especially liked the part at the end:

    So the gay guys get all the guns; and then turn them into the government.

    Ah -hell NO! we keep the guns and then we’re in charge!


    In other words – they’re well aware of the old adage from Mao Zedong: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

  6. A bit of truth in that statement. There are several Gay Groups that support gun ownership, the Pink Pistols is one, and there is another called Gays for Guns.

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