Via Reddit. Check the video and the play by play:

Mr. Williams did perform as he was supposed to. But of it was not for the video, the conflicting witnesses reports would have made for a rough legal time. I would bet he’s seen or read Massad Ayoob at some point by the way he placed the gun on the counter and made 911 call reporting the incident. Here you can read the whole report of the incident.

Well done Mr. Williams.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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9 thoughts on “Legal Nightmare Scenario: Witnesses Lie.”
  1. Why place the loaded gun out of your control on a counter?

    That is a poor decision.

    Holster up, re-conceal, call 911, follow on scene officer instructions

    1. Actually it is a sane one. You have cops incoming, they know somebody shot somebody else and that the shooter is still in the premises. The first question they are gonna ask is “Where is the gun?” and having it on your body will result in a less than friendly pat down… that’s it if you don’t reach for it or make a similar gesture to show you have it and end up being stitched by gunfire.

    2. AS much as no one wants to admit it … why ? because he was a black man with a gun .. those tend to get shot by police officers with no questions asked. smart move to put the gun on the counter.

  2. Cops responding know a shooting took place, but not who did the shooting or why. Cops tend to get excitable when they roll up and see someone holding a gun. Putting the gun on the counter among other things made everybody aware of where it was and that the shooter was no longer armed. At the same time it was accessable should any of the assailant’s friends come back and further threaten the shooter’s life.

    It’s hard to figure out what to say when calling the cops to report a shooting, and even harder to do after you just shot someone. The victim did very well in communicating with the 911 call-taker.

    What impressed me most of all was that it appears a charge of justifiable homocide was what the cops came up with. I’d be happy to stand up in court and tell the judge I was pleading guilty to justifiable homocide. :>D

    (The report of what happened is one that ought to be held up as a role model. The person who wrote it deserves high praise.)

    stay safe.

  3. A) The shooter was trying to get outta Dodge (Good Move 1.)
    B) The shooter stayed in a non-aggressive posture when confronted (GM 2.)
    C) The shooter flashed his gun (NOT a good move! Now they know you have a gun and WHERE IT IS!), maybe he should have warned them that he may be “forced to defend himself?”
    D) When attacked with POSSIBLE multiple attackers shooter retreats and when pursued defends himself THEN does not wave around his gun but instead re-conceals it until the threat is gone (GM 3.)
    E) Once the threat is gone, the shooter puts gun CLOSE AT HAND _BUT_ where he can easily step away from it when the cops arrive (GM 4.)
    F) Shooter is 1st to call the cops RIGHT THEN (GM 5.)

    All in all, good job!

  4. Been thinking about this one over the weekend. I’m just so angry that the witnesses are so screwed up on the facts. Thank God there was a camera.

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