The CNN climate town hall was a fucking disaster for the Democrats.

Highlight after highlight shows Democrats wanting to ban internal combustion engine-powered vehicles and have a mandatory buyback for your car, tax your meat and coerce you into eating less of it, ban drinking straws, and drive your electricity prices sky-high.

It was a marathon of Democrats proving that they were meddling, tyrannical, scolds who want to control every aspect of your life, down to what you can eat and how many kids you can have.

So in the wake of that 7-hour clown show, CNN has announced that it would partner with the Human Rights Campaign to do a Democrat Primary town hall focused entirely on LGBT issues.

Holy shit, this is such a bad idea.  I can feel it backfiring now.

I can understand why they are doing this.  According to Gallup, Americans Greatly Overestimate U.S. Gay Population.  Poll data shows that Americas assume LGBT people make up nearly a quarter of the population, when in fact they make up only 4.5%.

This is largely due to overrepresentation in the media, which reflects highly visible gay communities in places like Hollywood and New York City and not the United States as a whole.  So the people at CNN and the HRC probably think that this will appeal to a much larger Demographic of Americans than it actually will.

So beyond this being a town hall dedicated to a very niche topic, the evidence from the climate change town hall suggests that this is going to take a hard Left turn.

Understand that this is in a post-Obergefell America where gay marriage is legal.

Of course, every candidate will come out and make the false claim that Trump and Pence want to reverse Obergefell and end gay marriage because they need a boogieman to campaign against.

What concerns me and should concern the rational, moderate LGBT community is all the other radical, hard-Left bullshit that is going to make its way into this town hall.

I can just imagine the candidates taking stances on things like supporting taxpayer-funded transition surgery for prisoner sand students, support for kindergarten drag-queens, and letting anatomical boys win every title in girl’s sports in high school and college.

If you think I’m crazy, remember that Julian Castro has already come out in favor for taxpayer-funded abortion for trans-men.

I can also imagine an unfettered attack on religious liberty as “legalized bigotry” with probable comparisons to Jim Crow.

If by the end one of the lesser candidates (like Cory Booker) tried to up the Progressive ante by saying that homosexual experimentation should be mandated in public school sex-ed, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised.

The effect of this would be to turn the moderate public opinion against the LGBT community.

I’ve written about this before. The public opinion on LGBT people was going up when the LGBT community was simply the nice gay couple next door who just wanted to get married and have the same rights as everyone else.  When the loudest voices in the LGBT community became scolds who tried to bankrupt small business owners with cries of “bake the cake you bigot,” the public opinion of the LGBT community started to dip.

Having every Democrat candidate on one stage, chastising America about its poor treatment of LGBT people for not indulging them in every one of the most extreme whims of the radical, Progressive, identity-politics, fringe LGBT community isn’t just going to hurt the Democrats, it will hurt the LGBT community.

Moderate LGBT people should really put a stop to this shit show before the Democrat message becomes “we’re going to pervert your children you disgusting bible-thumping bigots.”

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “LGBT people need to tell CNN “NO!””
  1. My takeaway from this town hall, and their debates is;

    They are going to take my truck, my guns, my hot dogs and hamburgers. They’ll probably ruin my apple pie and tax my dogs.

    Yep. That’ll play in all those red counties, for sure.

  2. I’m looking forward to a marathon session of being told all the reasons I’m a self-loathing Uncle Tom who isn’t being gay right.

  3. Sorry J.KB,

    You are wrong. CNN needs to do more Townhalls, not fewer.

    I want to see CNN Townhalls on
    Foreign Policy

    Pretty Please!

    I would love to see them offer equal time to a Trump official too. Imagine Stephen Miller discussing Immigration for twenty to forty minutes? Kudlow on the Economy? Or even PDT himself? He could do it from his Trump hotel in Washington DC if they are worried about campaigning from the White House?

    I am disappointed with PDT because he has not pushed school choice.

  4. As I noted in my post about the AOC/Crenshaw tweet fest, the left feel they are on the high moral ground. No.. not feel, they are 100% convinced they are on the high moral ground here.

    Which means that any hatred that is spewed at those that disagree with them is warranted. Their prejudice and bias against straight people is not wrong because they are “woke” and you are not.

    I actually disagree with you J.KB. This townhall MUST happen. The more of these that the Democrats have the more disenfranchised voters they will create.

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