I was screwing with Allende-Defender people in Twitter and this happened:

The Liberal Immunity Spell attacks again.  But it is not that simple, the formula is binary and works something like this:

Lefty/Progressive + (Special status person or event) = Can’t be touched.


Bill Clinton gets blowjobs in White House by an intern and lies about it = Nobody’s business.
Donald Trump had sex with a porn star years before becoming a President = Impeach him!

Alyssa Milano gets told in Twitter she is a dumb broad = Sexual harassment & death threats, call the cops, suspend the offending account.
Dana Loesch gets called a cunt and they hope her family dies a horrible death = Not a violation of Twitter rules.

You get the idea. The Liberal Immunity Spell is the political equivalent of the Endangered Species Act: The gator may be chewing on the family dog and your toddler, but if you shoot the bastard, you may be arrested. The same applies if you dare to challenge a Liberal or a Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist cause: It shan’t be touched because we say so!

If infectious diseases ever become politically correct, we are sorely screwed.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Liberal Immunity Spell: Providing comfort and excuses for wrongdoing is easier than ever.”
  1. We saw this immediately after 9/11. Radical Muslims kill 3,000 Americans but this is all America’s fault.

    It’s never about the body count, it’s always about who is responsible for the body count.

    If it’s their side, there is no number of dead that they have a problem with. If it’s our side, the faintest black eye is a war crime.

    1. Abu Ghraib was a sociopath and some weak-willed hangers-on ignoring orders and a weak chain of command that failed to reign them in. Yet it was turned into an indictment of the entire US government.

      And the left made a heroine out of the unit’s commanding general, because she was too spineless to own up to her own failures and joined in the “blame Bush” chorus.

  2. “He was democratically elected.” Just for the record, so was Hitler, Mussolini, Chavez, Mugabe, and a host of third world dictators.

  3. As I recall, the “disappearances” that everyone hated Pinochet for actually started under Allende. He was taking the typical Marxist dictator path of exterminating his enemies — but couldn’t hold onto power, and his thugs got back what they’d been doing.

    (Yeah, I’m sure some of those disappeared under Pinochet were innocent. As innocent as the British students who were calling for Gulags for people who understand basic biology the other day.)

    1. Make no mistake: Pinochet was a major asshole. Possibly the most immoral shit that happen under his regime was give the children orphaned under his security systems to childless military couples like it was puppies from a mill.

  4. Isn’t HIV/aids already politically correct with all the prep hubbub and legislation (don’t know if it passed) making not disclosing having it ok.

  5. Of course the ’73 coup was not backed by the US. Read about the Tancazo, and figure what must have happened in the next three weeks.

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