There was a triple homicide last week in Orlando.

Three teenagers involved in petty crimes got killed by two other teenagers and a 12-year-old during a botched illegal gun sale and robbery.

This clip from the Sheriff’s press conference has been going around because the Sheriff made the point that no new gun laws would have prevented this homicide.


He may be right, but note what he said in the very beginning.

The gun used in the murders was stolen out of a car.

This is a point Miguel and I try to drive home constantly, lock up your guns and putting them in a glove compartment doesn’t count.

A little less than two years ago I posted about how my truck was broken into in a hotel parking lot, but my 9mm was locked in a Liberty pistol box tethered to the front sear frame with a steel cable and didn’t disappear.

At the time my right (dominant) hand was broken and in a splint. We got to the hotel around midnight, and I was too tired and in pain to do anything more than help get the kids into the hotel room, which is why I didn’t take my gun into the hotel room with me.

I now have Liberty cable boxes in all of my cars and a Hornady cable box that I’ll put in my wife’s car if we’re road tripping and I need a place to lock up my gun.  If I don’t teather it to a seat frame, I’ll lock it to the spare tire anchor point in the trunk.  Hell, I’ve seen cable lock boxes on sale at Harbor Freight for under $20.  I might but one and do a review, because $20 for gun safety seem like a great deal if it works.

There are plenty of reasons why you might have to leave a gun in a car, but if you do, lock it up.

For the cost of a cheap cable lock box, someone lost their gun and now there are three bodies on it.

Lock up your guns.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Lock up your guns”
  1. In addition to a tethered safe system, I would suggest an interior wireless camera system installed in the vehicle. I have one which alerts me when a door motion is detected, such as glass breakage and or a door opening. Also have a custom-made long box tethered to the frame in the back of the vehicle which holds six rifles. Cameras have two-way audio which makes things interesting and adds to the adventure. The only limitation is Wi-Fi range.

  2. Look around, I bought 3 cable safes at Home Depot for $11.00! each! Its amazing how people will spend thousands of $$$ on the latest tommy tatical gollygee whizbanger and won’t spend 20 bucks to keep it safe….

  3. If you want fancier, for some makes and models of cars you can also get in-car safes that drop into the center console storage area. Pricey, but more convenient and arguably a bit more secure than a cable box type.

  4. I do wish automakers would cotton on to the idea of secure storage in cars and make such things standard or at least an option. A gun vault like glove box or center console would be wonderful.

    Wishes aside can you recommend a car lock box that would fit a glock 20 with a streamlight TLR1 on it? It just barely not quiet almost kind of fits in the box I currently use I got ages ago.

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