Louis CK is in even more trouble

If you weren’t paying attention, the comedian Louis CK got in trouble for sexual harassment.

His thing was that he liked to rub one out while looking at a woman.  Not like he was creeping in the bushes and peeping at them through their windows.  He would ask them if he could look at the while he pleasured himself.  It was all consensual.  But in the witch hunt of the #MeToo movement, that was still enough to get him in trouble.  Apparently because he was famous, it really wasn’t consensual because his fame gave him power which he abused [social justice word salad].

Yeah, of all the sexual misconduct that came out of Hollywood, a comedian asking a fan “can I look at you fully clothed while I jerk off?”  Is way down on the list of terrible things.  CK’s real problems are that he’s ugly and not famous enough.

If Daniel Craig did the same thing… yeah.

It’s so pathetic that you almost feel bad for him.  I think that’s why he was let out of #MeToo purgatory so quickly.

Well, new information about Louis CK was leaked that may actually destroy his career and blacklist him from Hollywood forever.

He made fun of the Parkland kids.

That is dead on accurate and hilarious.

Unfortunately for him, the Parkland kids are sacred.  They are Left wing anti-gun activist victims.

You can make fun of Trump, Christians, Republicans, and white men all you want.  Say as horrible shit as you can image and it’s all good.  Poke fun at some obnoxious kids who are high on their own victim status cursing at thee NRA and you’ve gone over the line.

I like his stand-up.  I have a feeling I would have liked his comeback special.  After this, I don’t think that will ever happen.


3 Replies to “Louis CK is in even more trouble”

  1. The only thing he can do at this point is embrace his new role as an enemy of the left. No amount of appeasement or prostration will help him.

  2. “Apparently because he was famous, it really wasn’t consensual because his fame gave him power which he abused”

    But Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton gets a pass because he was President from the correct party and was considered too valuable to “unperson.” Even in the environment of #metoo, he can’t be touched because of his relationship with HRH Hilary, “she who should be Queen.”

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