Lunch’s ready.

Mom wanted tortilla de papas con cebolla,  jamon cocido and chorizo, and she was not going to be challenged. She might be 86, but don’t cross the old Spaniard biddy or she will go all conqueror on your ass.

This is the Spanish pizza: It is good hot off the stove, just warmed in the microwave (Never leave it for more than 30 seconds or overcooks the eggs) or cold out of the fridge. It can be lunch or supper and sure as hell for breakfast too.

And no, the Mexican tortilla is not the real one.  The only thing they have in common is the round shape. One is a meal and the other one is something to hold the diarrhea mix and guacamole.

UPDATE: Apparently I have amnesic readers requesting the recipe which I covered here! LOL 😀

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  1. Miquel, I saw your original post with the recipe. It looked soooo good I actually bought a fritatta pan set and have been cooking these ever since. Thank you so much for sharing.

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