My cousin’s husband has been ranting on the Book of Face about the Founder/CEO of Jimmy John’s big game hunting.  From the best research that I can find, nothing Jimmy John Liautaud was illegal and that the pictures of his African hunts that made it online, are from a fair chase safari.

None of that matters to him, who continues to push the same old canards that big game hunters are cowards, psychopaths, murderers, etc.  Of course he considers it his moral duty to proselytize to all his friends on the Book of Face, why they should Boycott Jimmy John’s because of this outrage.

Here’s the thing.  I am a gun industry insider (that’s as much detail as I’m going to give).  I make my living off of guns, many of them for hunting.  I pay for my house, utilities, food, everything, with the money spent by people like Jimmy John.

My cousin in pregnant.  Her baby shower is coming up.  Giving the feelings that have been espoused, I’m wondering if I should not buy them a baby shower gift?  The money that will be used to buy a gift would have come from cowards, psychopaths, and murderers hunters and sportsmen.  I’m sure they aren’t going to want something tainted by “blood money” as a present?  I’m only abiding by their wishes, right?

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Make the political personal”
  1. Don’t stoop to their level. You could get them something really, really nice that he’ll really want to keep and watch his greed make him a hypocrite.

  2. Honor his politics by donating a sum to Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited or a similar local pro wild life charity in the Baby’s Name?
    Ignore his views in the name of Family Peace and Tranquility like Mobius suggests?

  3. How does your cousin feel about it? Did she invite you/your wife to the baby shower? Just trying to scope out if this is a case of a husband that feels one way and the wife is going along for the ride (as my wife sometimes does when I rant about guns and stupid politicians, taxes and stupid politicians, health insurance and stupid politicians, etc). She’s a patient one, my wife. Anyway, if the cousin is cool with what you do, then I agree with mobiuswolf, get them something spectacular (if you feel like it). If she’s not, send a note of congratulations (and maybe a donation made in their name to NRA, GOA, SAF, JFPO, etc). Yeah, I’m a jerk sometimes…

  4. My sister is apparently so anti-gun that she just (not an hour ago) became physically ill and had to throw up because my wife’s mother pulled out the s&w bodyguard she just bought to show me.

    So I can sympathize.

  5. Your family, your life; but for me, I make a practice of never giving to people who hate me. I’d send a nice card… maybe a gift certificate to Gander Mountain.

  6. Perhaps Jimmy Johns stock (no idea if a publicly traded company or not), or a gift certificate would be nice…

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