Were I work we have barrels of spent brass.  Like, barrels and barrels of the stuff.

I’m not an HOA friendly guy.

I am really tempted to dig the the mulch in my flower bed and lay down spent brass.

I can guarantee that as much as that would piss them off, nobody would want to knock on my door and bother me about it.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Making the HOA shut up”
  1. You Sir are a sick sick man…… I know you are, you think like me. I have a steel plate hanging from a tree half way up my drive with 30 bullet holes in it and the message- nothing in here is worth your life. Along with lots of brass and steel case empties laying around.

  2. I couldn’t live in an HOA I would have no energy to work or provide because I’d be constantly fucking with them.

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