The Narrative is inflexible: A mass shooter is a White guy, Christian, racist possibly redneck and member of the NRA. That is what the Gun Control groups keep telling us and the Traditional Media whispers in its editorials.

But does it fit reality? Yesterday’s incident in San Bernardino kinda shakes that Narrative a bit, but I expect that somebody from the Opposition would jump and scream “That is the exception that confirms the rule!” But we are better than that (yes, stolen from the Moms) so we need to get some facts.

The latest darling for the Gun Control Groups and Media in general is a website called If you heard or read lately the “there has been four hundred mass shootings in three hundred days! ZOMG!”  news bit, they are referring to this particular site created by two members of Reddit who use as guideline any shooting where four or more victims (including the shooter) occur. They are kind enough to provide Excel files of their findings which include the date, name of the shooter, victims by death or wound and links to the news story.

I downloaded the files for 2014 and 2015 (updated till day before yesterday) and proceeded to check the race of the shooters named in the file. Why the emphasis? Because the majority of entries are classified unknown or undisclosed and I really did not have the heart to go chasing after every link. Just doing the checks of the ones named took me 10 hours, so take it for what is worth and if somebody is willing to do the full job, more power to him/her.

There are some issues with the data which I may address in-depth in another post, but as example, they may name several people in one entry when only one of them was the actual shooter (IE: The Minnesota Black Lives matter shooting.) In another case, they named a police officer who only shot one person: the shooter.

My methodology was simple: I googled the name of the shooter and tried to find his/her picture in at least two different sources giving preference to mugshots. If was not able to find a picture, I classified that name as unknown. In one case, a father who killed his three-year old daughter and her caregivers, I was only able to find one picture that had been described in several sources as a selfie with his daughter before he killed her and then committed suicide.

So here are the results. Remember I am not good at this numbers stuff and I consider Excel as the tool of the devil:

Total Incidents: 336
Name Unknown/Unreported: 286
Shooter’s race Black: 35
Shooter’s race White: 28
Shooter’s race other (Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Martian, etc.): 23

Total Incidents: 354
Name Unknown/Unreported: 286
Shooter’s race Black: 33
Shooter’s race White: 27
Shooter’s race other (Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Martian, etc.): 8

Now, I might be off my numbers by a bit, so I urge you to go to ShootingTracker.comdownload the files and obtain the figures if you are into the Excel stuff and statistics stuff. If you are the brave one that checks EVERY entry, please let us know so we can link you to your results.

And as for the rest, apparently the Narrative is not so truthful and strong as the Opposition makes it to be.

You get to make your own decision.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Mass Shooters in the US, Who are they?”
    1. If we go by the FBI definition, this database dwindles to a trickle. But you know how they like to move the goalposts. I forgot who said this in Facebook, but the term Mass Shooting is the new “Assault Weapon”: 9 parts BS, one part Lies.

  1. To steal and bastardize a blogger quote, “If every Christian, racist white man went out and murdered some one last night, you still would not have the right to take my guns.”

    Collective punishment should be avoided generally.

    The time when it does fit is when people belong to a hateful violent group like the Nazis where they are signing up for evil.

    1. I believe the term you are looking for is “affirmative association”. This is different than collective punishment, because your association helped further the goals of the group, even if you did not directly partake in any specific action. At the very least your were support for others, and thus directly enabled them to carry out their actions.

  2. The Narrative is inflexible: A mass shooter is a White guy, Christian, racist possibly redneck and member of the NRA.

    And if the shooter is NOT a white guy, they do like they did to George Zimmerman and make him an “honorary” white guy.

    I’m just counting time until the San Bernardino shooters are reported to be “White Arabs”. 😉

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