Mr. Jimenez took exception that a 16-year-old kid was wearing a MAGA hat and decided to attack him for it.

YouTube killed that video, but here is another copy.


Do you know how our political foes keep accusing us of cowardice because we do not go hand-to-hand? That it is somehow morally superior to exact violence unarmed as Mr. Jimenez did?

This unarmed and pacific left-wing guy versus a couple of teenager, one of the looking like the old Charles Atlas’ weakling.

The moment a Lefty/Socialist feels he can have the upper hand in confrontation, he/she will result to violence just because it feels good to do so and they want to be top canine. A gun is our rolled newspaper which let’s them know they are bad boys and need to behave.

From what I have read, Kino baby has been fired from his job as bartender and doxed.

You guys want war? Be advised some people have no problem using your weaponry and tactics.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

22 thoughts on “Meet Kino Jimenez, another reason why we have a Second Amendment”
  1. While this incident (as it stands) doesn’t rise to the level of an armed response being warranted, I can very easily see how it could have rapidly escalated to that point … a couple of friends jeering him on, or a girl/boyfriend to look tough in front of, etc.

  2. Glad he is getting a taste of the new rules. Only problem is there will be some liberal hole only too eager to hire him for something, and since all their clients are liberals they will suffer no consequences from doing it. Otherwise, he should be made poison for any normal business.

  3. Man, I wish I had been there to witness this “tough guy” in action. Any possible legal consequences for me would be worth it

  4. “The moment a Lefty/Socialist feels he can have the upper hand in confrontation, he/she will result to violence just because it feels good to do so and they want to be top canine.”

    If that were the case this would be happening every 5 seconds. There’s no shortage of beta male cringelords in maga hats in this country right now but of course you find one mentally unstable and pissed off Hispanic guy and all of a sudden “EVERY LEFTY WILL BECOME VIOLENT IF THEY HAVE AN ADVANTAGE!” It’s just pathetic how dumb a person would have to be to buy into your brand of bullshit. You sound like the idoit leftists who think all conservatives are racist. Just sad.

    1. James, since I have seen the way Socialists behave (and deadly) first hand when they have power, I think I am pretty much in target with what I wrote.

  5. James, is everything you see filtered by race? Nobody else mentioned it. read this blog a bit more, you will find a wide assortment of liberals of all races being complete tards to others because of who they voted for.

  6. Considering this happened in Texas, señor “Kinito” should count his blessings on not being the receiver of additional bodily orifices.
    Of course, I suspect this cowardly dbag picked up on a minor on purpose, knowing full well the minor was easy prey.

  7. So an appropriate response to someone throwing a drink at you is to brandish a firearm and threaten to shoot them in the face?

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

    1. Tell me, Huh, what would your response be? Of course any gun play is ridiculous, as is any weapon of any type. Unless you consider the disproportionality of force, as this man who assaulted the kid and stole his hat seemed to be more of a violent person, who could have easily caused harm to the kid with the hat. Would it not have been acceptable for the kid to use pepper spray to defend himself, and to retrieve his property?

  8. These kids were talking all this crap about hanging Blacks and Hispanic from trees. I doubt you would all would been so kind to these kids, if they joked about hanging your families from trees. honestly half of you people here would be throwing something other then a drink in these kids faces. These Kids got all brave last night from watching the new Purge movie and they felt they were men that night and they were treated as such. oh BTW The Purge movie… Your side loses in it.

    1. Whataburger

      The guys here are all reasonable adults.

      Would be nice for you to present some citation for that statement which justifies the assault and battery of a minor?

      Especially since this Kino chump got to beating feet so quickly after he made his “opinion” known? Seems like he needs somebody like you in his corner to stand up for him.

      Must be something out there for you to have stated it as fact. You know, other than “I heard it from some guy ………. somewhere”??

    2. “These kids were talking all this crap about hanging Blacks and Hispanic from trees. ”

      5 gives you 10 they were talking about video games or girls…like any other teens.

      But nice try.

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