14 Replies to “Miami: Hit and Run with Cuban Posse.”

    1. Agree, that is the sensible thing. But (explanation, not excuse) down here we are suffering an epidemic of Hit and Runs and people are just sick of it. So I understand it, but will not condone it as it is dangerous and stupid.

  1. So, just to play devil’s advocate……..when the guy started using the hammer on his car, would the driver have been legally able to use deadly force? While I enjoy seeing a hit and run driver getting a full dose of karma, I’m curious what the legality of the situation is. Legally were the people trying to stop the hit and runner driver allowed to do anything other than try to be good witnesses? I’m not trying to argue anything one way or the other. I’m just really curious how much worse this could have been.

    1. Smashing on the car with a hammer is assault with a deadly weapon and the driver would have been justified in shooting the guy.

      He might even have grounds to shoot the man in the blue t-shirt who kept trying to gain entry into his vehicle.

      He might even, now, have a defense for leaving the scene because he was being mobbed by a group of angry people. A group that helpfully collected evidence of his need to flee the scene before he could call the police.

      Yes, a lie, but…

  2. I think a better way to stop him from fleeing would be to disable the tires. You don’t have to slash the sidewalls, slicing or pulling the valve stems would work.

    What are the reasons for the big increase in hit and runs?
    Undocumented drivers?
    Failure to Prosecute?

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