I caught this headline and I had to click on it.

Miami Police Chief Slams Texas Bill That Would Allow Unlicensed Carrying Of Handguns

It’s the next part that got me.

“Common sense tells us” that the new gun measure is “ridiculous,” said Art Acevedo, the former Houston police chief.

I missed when Art Acevedo got hired to be the Miami Chief of Police.

Acevedo is the embodiment of Leftists failing upward.  The guy is a partisan hack behind a badge.

Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo on Sunday bashed a new Texas measure that would end most handgun licensing requirements in the state, calling the proposal “ridiculous” and in opposition to law enforcement agencies’ wishes.

“Look, there’s something that God gave us and that’s common sense,” Acevedo told host John Dickerson. “And common sense tells us that that is ridiculous. Law enforcement, police chiefs, sheriffs, police labor stood up together and made it real clear we do not support constitutional carry here in Texas or anywhere in this country.”

There has not been in problem in any state that has gone Constitutional carry.  The same lie told about adopting concealed carry and Stand Your Ground – i.e., “every fender bender will turn into a gun battle and people will be shooting each other over nothing” – never materialized.  Now they are trying it with Constitutional carry and their hysteria is proving to be the same mendacity.

“They only support the Blue in word,” he continued. “It’s now time to support the Blue in deed by vetoing that bill. You’re either with law enforcement or you stand with the fringe that believe that everybody should have a firearm regardless of their character, their capabilities or their mental capacity.”

This is how you become a cop loved by the Left, by making it crystal clear you want to use your authority to restrict the civil rights of law abiding citizen.

That’s the Left in a nutshell:

Cop who tackles crime and punishes criminals = bad.

Cop who goes after law abiding gun owners and tax paying business owners = good.

The Left never chanted “defund the police” when a guy trying to keep his gym or restaurant afloat during the pandemic was dragged out in handcuffs for not enforcing mask wearing.  Only when some convicted felon lost a quick draw contest with the police.

“They need to come out of their own corners ― the left and the right ― and come to the middle, which is where most Americans are,” Acevedo said Sunday. “We need to have universal background checks. We need to make burglarizing these licensed gun stores a federal crime with mandatory sentencing.”

It is a federal crime, dickbag, it gets you 10 years.

You’d think a police chief would know that but he comes from California where not working with the federal government is the paragon of justice.

This guy is terrible.  I wonder where he will fail up to next?  Probably the Biden DOJ.

I hope DeSantis signs Constitutional carry in Florida just to spite his stupid ass.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Miami Police Chief can get f**cked”
  1. This just serves to remind us that police chiefs (at least in larger cities) are politicians, not policemen.
    His claim that sheriffs (who are elected) or rank and file police agree with his stance is dubious at best.

  2. People have to remember that the whole “Back The Blue” thing doesn’t include the FBI, ATF, the U.S. Capitol Police and any officer holding the rank of sergeant or above. Well, maybe some sergeants are okay…not all of them. And, of course, any police officer who is a Democrat isn’t included.

    Everyone else we back.

  3. He departed for Miami about two months ago I believe. Good riddance as he was a largely ineffective chief anyway and most of the rank and file couldn’t stand him. The replacement won’t be any better since the mayor of Houston is still a leftist POS.

  4. Boy, his head is going to explode when he finds out it is legal to open carry when fishing.

  5. Yes, electing sheriffs is good. In my county, last cycle, the long-time sheriff was retiring, and we had a glad-handing busy body with no police experience vs. a longtime deputy who had been in the county for years, and was a great deputy. Well, Mr. Cool thought he had it in the bag, but was trounced at the polls.
    Now we have a great sheriff with a great bunch of deputies who have served with him, and we are doing just fine.
    I’m so glad that our sheriffs are not appointed by our county council, which goes left and right depending on the election cycle.

  6. Whenever you hear or reas “common sense” from a liberal you know that there AINT ANY.

  7. I left the police force years ago. Support and respect for any institution is earned not owed. This chief and others like him from head shed to seat warmers need to remember that.

  8. So that’s where he landed. That guy had been failing his way across the country: Cali to Austin to Houston to Miami.

    In Austin he said he needed to “know where the guns are”. In Houston he never missed a moment to declare the need for more restrictions, once doing so after a LEO shot himself & again after the corrupt setup that was the Hardin Street Raid (look that one up, seriously). He announced no one needs an AR-15 (weapon of war) at the same time HPD was patrolling the airport with AR-15s. That prick even took a photo with Mom’s Demand activists in his office in front of the Gonzales Flag. Acevedo & our Soros-funded DA drove the crime rate into the stratosphere. Maybe next time he’ll go another 400 miles East.


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