I have written about mid-level violence before.

Mid-level violence is the annoying little brother, “I’m not touching you.”

It’s physical harassment that is intended to intimidate and strip the dignity from a victim.

The victim cannot respond because when they do, the instigator can say, “Why did you hit me? I wasn’t touching you.”

The aggressor can then play the victim.

This happened at Harvard.


This is a mid-level pogrom.

They corralled a Jew. They blocked his escape as they yelled at him.

But… They didn’t actually beat him up.

It was intimidating and humiliating, but in a Liberal area of the country (Massachusetts), this isn’t enough to justify the use of force for self defense.  Not just with a gun, but any level of force.  If the Jewish student used pepper spray, he’d have gotten into more trouble than the aggressors.

This is going to increase in these Leftist areas because it’s an effective tactic.

It’s why I believe that mid-level violence should justify high-level violence.

Surround me and try to force me into being subjected to berating and harassment, and I should have the right to knock your fucking teeth out.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Mid-level Pogrom”
  1. Sadly, this sort of action is going to disincentivize honest people from expressing themselves in public.

    This is why I’m glad that I don’t live in, and rarely travel to/through, urban areas.

  2. Walking as close as they can to Assault, which is a very fine line in many states, but in MA. you can bet there isn’t a jurisdiction in that part of the state which would rule in favor of the victim Jew, even if they did touch him, which it seems they did.

  3. Can’t find the specific part of the law defining assault in Mass, but a lawyer wrote:
    an assault is a misdemeanor crime and involves either an attempted battery (offer of harm) or an intent to place another person in fear or apprehension of an immediate battery
    So this was assault.
    I think it was also kidnapping:
    Section 26. Whoever, without lawful authority, forcibly or secretly confines or imprisons another person within this commonwealth against his will, or forcibly carries or sends such person out of this commonwealth, or forcibly seizes and confines or inveigles or kidnaps another person, with intent either to cause him to be secretly confined or imprisoned in this commonwealth against his will, or to cause him to be sent out of this commonwealth against his will or in any way held to service against his will, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than ten years or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars and imprisonment in jail for not more than two years. Whoever commits any offence described in this section with the intent to extort money or other valuable thing thereby shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life or for any term of years.

    1. Unfortunately, neither major Party supports putting a real man in the White House. The Left wants a puppet beholden to unions and special interest groups, and the Right wants a puppet beholden to Big Business.
      Neither gives two s#!ts about individuals or individual rights.

  4. When they surround you like they did here?
    Start yelling. Start slowly and increase the number of complaints. Things like Quit pushing. Get your hands off me, Ouch, quit groping, oof, hands off my wallet (or watch). If they so much as brush you, act like a soccer player, exaggerating any harm.
    They have video, but if their cameras are obscured, your verbal description of your injuries can be very powerful.

  5. It’s criminal restraint. Essentially, misdemeanor kidnapping. At least in my jurisdiction. And one would be justified in using reasonable physical force to escape.

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