Migrant Invasion Army. That is a lot of walking.

I took mom to the doctor’s this morning and they had the TV on Univision. They have journos attached to the “caravan” and if we go by who they interview, the mass of people are only women, kids under ten and people over 60. What they mentioned was the location where they had arrived in Mexico: Tapachula.

I went to Google maps and located the town to find ou they are still way down south of the nearest entry point in the US Border, Brownsville.

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That sis 1,089 miles and according to Google, it can be done by walking in 356 hours? That is 14 days by doing 77 miles a day every 24 hour, not happening unless all passed Ranger selection, including the little kids. Now, 25 miles a day seems to be a more reasonable pace but that would make it 43 days to reach Brownsville.

And here is another rub: From the border between Guatemala and Mexico (remember the bridge?) to the town of Tapachula is only 10 miles.

That is a one day gain, so unless Soros and Bloomberg cough up some dough and rent busses to take the 7 to 10 thousand “migrants” we may see them trying to reach US sometime early March, if they remain in the “caravan” at all.

If I were woke, I’d have to say this whole thing was concocted by Trump and the Republicans because other than a few militants, the idea of that many people just breaking through our borders and fuck you very much is not settling well with Americans and Legal Immigrants. I don’t see a lot of outward support in the street to this Mariel-By-Land invasion.

We may end up with both Trump’s Border Wall built fast and even my mine field.




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  1. When I was a Boy Scout in Miami, we did an annual hike called the Barefoot Mailman. It was 35 miles from North Pompano Beach to South Beach and commemorated the route taken by the postmen who carried the mail from Palm Beach to Miami before Henry Flagler built the railroad.

    A few hundred Boy Scouts hike it every year. It starts early in the morning on Saturday, you camp overnight at Haulover Park on North Miami Beach, then ends on Sunday afternoon. It takes most of two days.

    The standard army march is 3.4 miles per hour. A rule of thumb for a decent hiking pace is a 20 minute mile or 3 miles per hour.

    Large groups are slower. Old people, children, people stopping, rough terrain, I’d say maybe 2 miles per hour at best. I’d estimate maybe 20 miles per day.

    As Napoleon said, an army marches on its stomach. The food and water needs for a trip like this are enormous. At least a gallon per person per day on water alone. The army recommends 3,000 calories per day for sustained activity, cut that to 2,000 here.

    Going with the estimate I’ve seen, this group needs a minimum of 8,000 gallons of water and 16,000 lbs of food per day.

    This is the logistical equivalent of a deployment of a military division.


    1. Yes, when I was in Scouts, for extended hikes (only 20 to 50 miles), we typically figured 10 mi a day, carrying food, spare clothing and shelter on your back. Water was from local water courses or springs, water purification tables for surface water. These were healthy teenaged males, no children, no seniors, and no women (don’t forget feminine hygiene products, and that the fairer set can’t just step off the trail to “water the bushes”). You can do a bit better if you have pre-staged supplies along the route. An 1100 mi trek on foot is not an activity I’d look forward too in my youthful prime, doing it through unfamiliar country in the company of 7,000 to 10,000 strangers? No way.

    1. Why would we need a bunch of Spanish Speaking people high on dope, demanding shit for free and crapping and pissing on the streets after eating cheap burritos?

      We already have a California

      1. Actually, the French under Napoleon the Third sent troops to keep Emperor Maximillian (who was actually an Austrian, brought over to take the throne when it became vacant- all the poor schmuck wanted to do was build bridges; his wife thought it was a good idea) on the throne against the revolutionaries. Mexico’s big national holiday- Cinco de Mayo- commemorates a victory over the French; the French Foreign Legion’s own big day, Camerone Day, commemorates a famous Legion DEFEAT by the Mexicans. In a way, you could say Mexico was France’s Vietnam.
        Well, their FIRST Vietnam… out of about three.

  2. Expect the buses to show up by next Monday. They need to position the poor, innocent immigrants near the border several days before election day. They need propaganda pictures of crying women and children being abused by US Border Patrol to effect the election.

    They really hope for piles of children’s bodies if at all possible. – – – eggs and omelettes for the Glorious Socialist Revolution.

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