From Miguel’s post, I just had to check out the #WayfairWalkout hashtag.

What a shitshow of virtue signaling.

Over and over again, did people post the thought-terminating cliches of “babies in cages” and making comparisons to concentration camps.

What is worse is apparently the interaction between the employees and Wayfair management.


So 547 employees signed a petition for Wayfair to donate its profits to a group that provides legal aid to people making false asylum claims.

Then there was this:



I cannot imagine looking at my management and saying “are you going to concede to my demands or am I going to walk out?”  I’d get escorted out of the building by security and HR would mail me my stuff.

And what was their demand, besides donating profits from previous sales?

Cancel an upcoming contract worth $200,000.

So the employees, who are collecting a paycheck and benefits are demanding that their employer give up money and stop selling because they have bought into the most irrational talking points on a controversial topic.

This is how Wayfair responded:


That was a decent statement.  Far nicer than the “fuck you, you’re fired” I would have gone with.

The way these employees have acted is exactly what we saw with the campus activists over the last few years.

These kids have hit real life and haven’t changed.  They expect their employers to bend over backward to their radical demands just as fast as their campus administrators did.

The problem is, this is bad for business.  When the most radical activist employees get to decide who the business can take for customers based on politics, the company goes down the drain.

What these people have done is to make companies give a second thought to hiring millennials.

Everyone assumed real life would hit these kids and they would stop their stupid campus activism.  Well, it hasn’t.  Now the corporate world is having to deal with this mess.

Employers are going to have to start seriously vetting employees to make sure they don’t hire activists who decide to state a social media walkout because said employees don’t like that company makes drinking straws or police uniforms or has a contract with some other group that is not liked.

These people have proven that hiring millennials is dangerous.

Automation is going to go up and millennial employment is going to go down.

Great job schmucks, your woke activism just hit your entire generation right in the wallet.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Millennials have just made themselves unemployable”
  1. Why wait until tomorrow? Walkout now, don’t bother coming back. P.S. you don’t get unemployment for a voluntary separation.

  2. I guess living in Mommy and Daddy’s basement is far more attractive than being independent. If I were Daddy, I would charge rent at least until the virtue signaler got a new job.

    Curious to know how many of those who walked out went to college and if so, in what field was the degree he or she received

  3. They just made every millennial who isn’t an incandescent sjc narcissist way more employable and valuable.

    The company’s response was pretty good pr wordsalad, I hope it is a screen to encourage the troublemakers to feel safe enough to reveal themselves, so they can be let go tomorrow.

  4. I’d take a middle ground.

    Thank you for your input and concern.

    You wish to protest our company fulfilling an order properly placed by an entity able to fulfill its commitments for payment, and intended for a currently legal purpose.

    If you wish us to cancel this order we suggest you work towards changing the legal framework for immigration, however, this is not part of our corporate role or employees’ job responsibilities and such actions may not be performed on company time nor using company resources under penalty of termination for cause.

    Therefore, anyone not present for work tomorrow without (a) pre-approved vacation, or (b) verified and documented medical emergency of self or immediate family, will be considered to have resigned from employment at our company. Note the lack of a formal 2-week’s notice on your part may result in additional penalties, such as no reimbursement for unused vacation time, as per applicable state law.

  5. I don’t do twitter but I did see this post at the thread:
    Shannon Coulter

    Verified account

    5h5 hours ago
    One way you can help the #WayfairWalkout today is that if the company you work for is also selling products at a profit to BCFS or any of the other Trump-era detention centers, TELL A JOURNALIST at a reputable news outlet. If you need help or don’t want to do it directly, DM me.

    Perhaps someone should anonymously DM her several very liberal outlets as doing business with BCFS and see what happens…

  6. Brought to you by an educational system that trains kids to be collectivist whiners rather than independent thinkers. Only collectivists will tolerate globalism, of which multiculturalism is just one aspect.

  7. Wait… Yesterday, those liberals were complaining about people sleeping on concrete floors, no soap, and no toothbrushes… And today they are actually refusing the people their actual beds??

  8. These SJW Wayfair employees and congress folks like AOC make me sick. Like WallPhone points out these are the folks whining about “harsh” conditions at facilities on the US side of the border. But they are not only doing nothing to help the situation, they’re now actively working to make everything worse. Every single person who walks out should be fired the second they exit the door. The management’s message should have been a single line with a link to the company’s hiring page showing 547 job openings with an effective date of the exact time and day of the proposed walk out. and AOC should be recalled immediately. Her and her cohorts are literally the ones who’s job it is to fix things at the border. But they’re too busy pandering and enriching themselves to do jack about the real crisis.

    Screw all of them.

  9. They are in these processing centers because they are here illegally. They can apply for asylum in their home country.

    Don’t come here is the way to avoid these uncomfortable situations.

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