This is a whole lot of bad:

UPS driver killed in armed robbery, chase and shootout identified as a young father

Family members and friends are mourning the loss of a UPS driver and young father, killed after being taken hostage by two armed robbers in Miramar.

WFOR reported the name of the driver as Frank Ordonez, one of four people killed in the incident. His brother told CBS Miami he’d been a driver with UPS for the past five years.

However, Thursday was Ordonez’s first day as a UPS driver.

Ordonez leaves behind a one-year-old daughter.

Killed on the first day of his job in a police shootout?  This is like something out of a Lethal Weapon movie.

The ordeal began as an armed robbery and possible shooting at Regent Jewelers in Coral Gables on Thursday afternoon. A female employee suffered injuries in the armed robbery.

Police said the armed robbery suspects then carjacked a UPS truck as the driver was making deliveries.

Holy shit.

The police chase ended with the armed robbery suspects and police exchanging gunfire on Miramar Parkway, just west of Flamingo Road. According to CBS Miami, 19 officers from five different agencies fired into the UPS truck. The number of shots fired could exceed 200 rounds.

Were they making up for Broward’s lack of response in Parkland or did they take shooting lessons from the NYPD?

The two armed robbers were killed.

The FBI identified the pair as 41-year-old Lamar Alexander and 41-year-old Jerome Hill.

Both are from Miami-Dade County.

A civilian motorist was also killed in the shootout.

Two bad guys, a bystander (by-driver?) and the hijacking victim were all killed.

The FBI is taking the lead in the investigation, according to Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam, who spoke to CBS12 News reporter James Torrez on Friday.

Good, because when you watch the video the question is: killed by whom?

There are some hair-raising videos from that shooting.

Every long “pew” that you hear in this, is a bullet whizzing past the person recording this.

There are civilians behind the bad guys when the police started shooting.

Those are police taking cover behind civilian cars with people still in them.

I’m amazed more people were not killed.

I’m not a cop, I won’t even pretend to be on the internet.

I’m just curious about the wisdom of engaging in a massive firefight on the Miramar Parkway during heavy traffic.

This is one to follow.

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5 thoughts on “Miramar UPS shootout”
  1. Thats freakin bananas!!! Bad guys musta just opened up on the cops. Id been pushing idiots out the way with my truck. I see massive law suits comin-

  2. Four people shot to death in a single incident….

    What’s the over-under that this will be added to the list of “mass shootings” and cited as an example why private citizens shouldn’t be allowed to have or carry guns?

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