Moms Demand Terrorist watch list

They are pulling that one from the lime pit. Of course, the Terrorist Watch list is perfect because it has zero mistakes like having little kids in it or dead people, elected heads of state and anybody with a common name. Even Ted Kennedy was on that list!

Don’t you think Shannon Watts knows this? Of course she does. But she knows she can get away with the misinformation and rile up the masses following them in Facebook and other media.

Moms Demand Terrorist watch list 2

Fear Stupid People gathered in numbers and with the capacity to vote.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “Moms Demand Action: There was a terror attack, bring out the dead horse and a whip.”
  1. No, we do in fact let people on the terrorist watch list board planes. It is the much much smaller “no fly list” that gets that treatment.

  2. Am I a jerk for reporting all the commenters as spammers in that post you documented, Miguel?

    I’m sure nothing will come of it, but at the least, it will annoy the hell out of them…

  3. Do you think their attitude might change had they been standing in that crowd in Paris looking at the devil about to shoot them?
    Their stupidity causes disillusionment in the future of mankind.
    Keep up the good work by shining the light of truth on them!!

    1. No, their attitude would be exactly the same.

      Their attitude WOULD change if they found themselves on the watch list, though.

      Why, say I ordered 50 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer using Bridgett Dickey or John Norden’s name, and meanwhile, someone else happens to use the same assumed identity to buy some lamp oil? Boom. Instant watch list.

      And yet they still give the biggest ACTUAL gun-running organizations(ATF, Everytown, the California state senate) a free pass.

  4. It certainly befuddles me how the NRA has been branded as being a Terrorist organization, but then all one has to do is consider the source of the comments. The “sheep” are blind to reality and the “Ostriches” cannot see because their heads are buried.
    I definitely would be classified as a peaceful person even though I just upgraded from Benefactor to Patron, contributed to the “Tour Of Duty” fund, and submitted another annual member’s application.
    Please consider joining NRA, signing someone new up, or upgrading your membership before 1 Jan 2016 since the annual dues will increase to $40.00/yr.

  5. Terrorism watch lists are nothing more than lists of people that meet random criteria for being “watched”. They are not people for which have any sort of specific reasonable belief that they ARE terrorists.

    My mother was on one once because she took a little touristy type flying lesson where she was allowed to fly it but the instructor landed it. After 9/11 anyone that had taken a flying lesson that didn’t involve landing was put on a terrorism watch list.That simple.

    That’s the sort of things these lists are. Revoking the Bill of Rights for anyone on them is absolutely ridiculous.

  6. If the people on this “watch and do nothing list” are truly so dangerous (excepting dead senator kennedy…still drunk) then why, pray tell are the free to roam the streets?

  7. Typical propaganda. Take a “gee whiz” factoid or statistic, spin it, twist it, distort it, and make it sensational. Fear pRon for SJW’s.

  8. Darn that ol’ Second Amendment! It just keeps getting in the way of their pipe dreams!

    Never mind that France doesn’t even let the “right hands” have guns, let alone the “wrong hands”. The Islamoterrorists just smuggled in real assault rifles, and went to work unimpeded. And that is exactly what Moms Demand wants in this country.

  9. “Suspected Terrorist”.
    In other words, innocent until proved guilty.
    One does not deny innocent people their Rights.

  10. How many terrorists would do a background check?Blaming the NRA for this is the same as blaming Lays chips because you are too fat.You can’t fix stupid.

  11. Are they even aware that the 5 million (wow!) NRA members are nearly universally law-abiding and decent citizens such as LEOs, military, white and blue collar workers, hunters and the Joe Average?

    How can they equate the membership with terrorists with absolutely no proof of NRA support of any terrorism, so it is libel, pure and simple.

    Imagine a Venn diagram of terrorists, scum, criminals, violent sociopaths in one circle and a second circle of NRA members and CCW holders. The two circles barely touch. For the less mathematically inclined, terrorists are not NRA members. Du-oh!

    Of course, these mental midgets need a scapegoat for their hoplophobia and profound ignorance. In this vein, when are they going to shout out that the NRA is controlled by the Jews? In 3…2…1…

  12. They are so quick to push blame, to bad they don’t know witch way to push it.They must think the NRA control the whole world, sense I am a member I must be in control too. Does that mean the government has to do what I say too. OH boy.

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