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Moms Demand Limatunes


Many of you know Limatunes. If you don’t this young lady is not only a top notch firearms instructor, but will kick your but in Krav Maga while giving you the whole story of the 1911 as conceived by JMB and the variations that came after. In other words, you really don’t want to mess with that book showing such a delicate cover. Fools who dare test her knowledge at the gun shop or at , soon found themselves beaten down merciless… by a girl. (Of course, none of us had the guts to dare her, so we were never beaten by a girl, only schooled)

She has been researching carrying a gun with a baby since she got pregnant for the first time several years ago. As with everything she does, she was methodical, tested and tested again and she has not stopped learning as any good professional would.  So, what she teaches, you can rest assured is not some weird figment of tacticool imagination: She knows her stuff.

But this post wouldn’t be fun without the traditional MDA Comments Collage. Enjoy!

Moms Demand Limatunes2You gotta love those calls for forced sterilization.  Such nice, loving people, aren’t they?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “Moms Demand losing it over Limatunes.”
    1. So every law enforcement officer that carries a firearm and has children is committing child abuse Lol

  1. The Rachel Buehner comment just beat all the others. She is so ignorant of how, why, and where people carry pistols, she assumes that just because a new mom would carry while also carrying her baby, that she would practice shooting without protecting the baby’s ears!

    And if the mom had to shoot to defend herself, the baby’s hearing is the least of the mom’s worries, but these harpies don’t get that. To them, it would be better for the baby to be screaming on the ground just before its head was bashed in by the monster who just raped its mother and strangled her with her own pantyhose. On the other hand, our desired outcome is that the mom puts the rapist into the ground with a well-placed headshot, then consoles her baby as only she can, as she explains opportunity, ability, and jeopardy and points out the witnesses to the cops, and then later feeds the baby, a free woman who is thankful to God to be alive and live in a place that does not infringe her natural rights.

  2. I agree with Backwoods Engineer, I taught my wife to carry and it was super sexy to see her nursing and have a Glock on her hip, I was proud she could defend our child if the need arose. After a couple weeks of carrying she felt naked without it and didn’t feel right to not have it on her. These other women would rather roll over and sacrifice themselves and their child instead of living.

  3. Once again, they advocate trying to use the state to take our children… Doesn’t normally go well for them, and I’d like to see it start going worse.

  4. I attended the class and was mentioned in the article (Eric Tull). Melody did a great job. The class is highly recommended.

  5. Bigotry from the anti-gun folks doesn’t really surprise me anymore. Still kind of sad, but not surprising.

    Glad that she’s teaching folks about this stuff … good things to know.

  6. I’m surprised there wasn’t anything about this in the local fish wrap. They are big gun haters. I always like to read the comments from the Mommies Demanding Attention bunch. I want to know how some of them even know how to breathe. That’s a lot of stupid in one place.

  7. Stipulated: They are all a bunch of bed-wetting kook-burgers.

    But I didn’t see a one of them “call for forced sterilization.” Several calls for the State’s permission to reproduce, sure … but that’s not the same thing, is it?

    There’s much TRUE stuff about MDA to goof on, we don’t need to make $#|+ up (like THEY do).

    1. Damn… I think I pasted a screen cap over that comment, my sincere apologies. However, over at CSGV they are calling for precisely that:

      I can’t seem to find the MDA comment about sterilization (The intern does a herculean delete work) , but would you like to see a selection of “Must obtain permit to have baby” comments?

    2. “State permission to reproduce” is the same thing. It’s eugenics, and how do you think it would be enforced?

  8. My wife and I didn’t own guns UNTIL our daughter was born. It’s our parental responsibility to protect her and we take that responsibility seriously. Apparently those commenting otherwise don’t feel a need to care for their own kid’s safety and wellbeing. I feel bad for those kids.

  9. The nuckleheaded anti gun crowd just don’t seem to grasp the well known fact that the ONLY thing which will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy/gal with a gun! They obviously do not read and/or understand all that is reported on http://www.gunssavelife or in Gun News, or in NRA publications “American Hunter” or “American Rifleman” or any of the other excellent sources for what they don’t (and won’t) read in their local paper.

    The 2nd Amendment was passed by our founding fathers so that we individuals would have the ability to defend ourselves not only from would be predators, but also from a tyrannical government such as they had JUST declared their independence from.
    Despite what Obama claims, our constitution is NOT a “flawed document” which needs replaced.

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