If they could not make themselves even dumber and useless:

Here is Nikki Fried, Agricultural Commissioner and the person in charge of Florida’s Concealed Weapon’s system and who is putting herself out there in the upcoming Democrat Primaries as viable candidate (In her pot-induced dreams) for Governor, supporting the right to be stoned and carry a gun.  This should send any half witted Pro Gun Control activist into a frenzy and dennounce her as a dangerous person for the health and welfare of the Children!

Nope. Not Moms Demand.

If I were a regular member of the Moms Club, I’d be embarrassed for this endorsement and quit altogether supporting this idiotic group. Some will probably do, but true believers will find a contorted excuse to make it work in their feeble minds.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Moms Demand supporting carrying under the influence.”
  1. Guns are legal. Liquor is legal. I drink and I carry, just not at the same time. Are you saying marijuana is different?

    I realize this post is about other people who’ll over-react, but still. If pot is legal, then the responsibility of gun owners who partake is to not carry while stoned, while still retaining the right to carry while straight. No different from drinking. I’m just sick and tired of the failed war of drugs and all the stupid nonsense we have to endure because of it. Not that I support her, but even a stopped clock and all that.

  2. It’s a surprising position you take here. Because if you truly believe that those who use medical marijuana should be prohibited from exercising their 2A, then you have to also have to believe that those who consume alcohol or those who take sleeping pills or any other drug that could impair one’s motor functions should also be similarly restricted. Otherwise, you’re not being consistent.

    But, of course, you don’t. Because it’s about the politics here. And while you may think that most of your audience is too stupid to recognize that or will just play along with your nonsensical argument here, I won’t.

    I don’t smoke and don’t expect to in the future. But if something comes along that I had to, for medical reasons, I want to be able to keep my 2A.

    The current law erodes our 2A. Now is not the time to play political games. I can still support a candidate’s efforts without supporting the candidate.

    We need to with this.

    1. Its funny that it comes down to individual responsibility on this, just like most things? Don’t carry while high, don’t carry while drunk. If you do, and are caught, you are punished. Sure, as others have mentioned, the federal aspect of MJ is a sticking point. And how to test for it similar to a breathalyzer for alcohol. Until that is ironed out, the federal law will remain.

      The confusing aspect to this is how MDA supports a candidate that mentions anything positive about guns (they are legal). That’s a head scratcher.

  3. Even a stopped clock is right on occasion. This is that occasion for her.

    Carry while under the influence? No. Same with alcohol, prescribed opioids, or extreme sleep deprivation.

  4. Actually, pot is still illegal at the federal level, Nikki. And since when do you support gun Rights? The endorsement by Deluded Moms tells the story.

  5. Rick touches on the issue. Marijuana isn’t legal at the Federal level. Florida doesn’t have a law that says you can’t own a gun if you are taking Marijuana. That is a Federal law. For that reason, this lawsuit is likely to fail.
    The courts are very unlikely to strike down the Marijuana law. Doing so would lead to all sorts of issues. For example: every current drug sniffing dog would now be useless, because an alert on a suspect’s car would no longer mean that illegal drugs are probably present. There would be numerous other problems as well.
    Nope, can’t interrupt the money stream on the war on (some) drugs. Too many government jobs depend on it.
    On to the issue of carrying a firearm while a marijuana user. The issue now is that there are no tests or protocols in place to determine if a person is intoxicated on MJ. Up to this point, there has been little reason to do so because ANY amount of MJ in the system is considered illegal. Once that changes, there will be an incentive to determine just how much MJ is considered “impaired” or “intoxicated.”

    1. Yeah, you hit on two important items here, one is federal law versus state law. To that end, I’m all for ending the so-called war on drugs (and war for police profit) immediately. Unless one is smoking pot while buying a gun and simultaneously crossing a state line, then the feds shouldn’t have any say in the matter. And I’d also like a pony while I’m making wishes here. I’m guessing were stuck in this rut with the feds now.
      The second, of course, is that there isn’t any quick and accurate roadside sobriety test for pot. There is a test, and there is actually a lower limit (it isn’t just “any amount”) as any lab test will contain a certain amount of noise. And if you attended any rock concert in the 80’s, you didn’t even have to smoke to have MJ in your system. They keep that part tight to the chest, but hopefully that lower limit is high enough to prevent false positives. But the test takes time and the pot lingers in your system long after you sober out. This becomes an issue for workplace testing and medicinal MJ.
      In any event, no good solutions but I’m in favor of less govt restrictions and more personal responsibility. And free whiskey and rib-eye steaks too. It’ll never happen, but I can dream.

  6. I think the notion that she’s pushing for carrying while under the influence is not supported by the evidence.
    On the other hand, given her previous positions and the friends she so publicly claims, it’s clear that she has no respect whatsoever for gun rights. That being so, I can’t figure out what she was thinking (assuming she did, and can) when she contrapted that lawsuit.

  7. brainFried is spewing crap on two levels here. 1. Get the simpleminded gun owners vote. 2. Get the dopehead vote. She’s lying to/about/around everything she spews.

  8. Bad take.

    There is literally nothing stopping anyone from carrying stoned as it is, even if they are a legal gun owner up until the point they are stoned and carrying a gun.

    There is also currently an untenable legal situation where marijuana is legal in some states but if you use you are an unlawful user federally, thus making you a prohibited person.

    I don’t trust a mom’s demand as far as I can throw them and I don’t trust Nikki to fix it. This IS should be something we NEED fixed though.

    And come on, supporting the right to be stoned and carry a gun? Allow me to paraphrase your own quote, if you are right then why do you need to lie?

    1. And come on, supporting the right to be stoned and carry a gun? Allow me to paraphrase your own quote, if you are right then why do you need to lie?

      Is that addressed to me?

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