Moms Demand Krogers


That is an easy question to answer. They lose this much:

Not really an overwhelming crowd.
Not really an overwhelming crowd.


And they gain this many. This is the lobby of the Nashville Convention Center. Just the lobby..

Over 78,000 people, many carrying firearms both concealed or open. You did not hear of mass shootings or people going crazy taking potshots at exhibits.

Dear Shannon, you managed to bring 120 bused volunteers (after promising 400) and the NRA pulled over 78,000 individuals that traveled out of their pockets. The math is clear for anybody but people like you.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Moms Demand wants to show Krogers how much they lose. (Libs can’t do math)”
  1. Have the Demanding Moms gotten grants from other, competing retail chains? I get that Kroger is one of, if not the, biggest retailers in the country, but their focus and harassment seems monomaniacal.

  2. I thought they started their boycott at least a year ago. You know, before Kroger reported their double digit rise in profits. Or have they progressed to the “we really mean it now” stage?

  3. The Mad Mommies must be really bad at math.

    There are as many people in the foreground of the second picture as there are in the ENTIRE first picture. I counted about 106 (being generous and including folks who weren’t likely included-the police officer and the camera man, for example) in the first picture. There are that many in the lower right corner of the second picture, up to about the first or second column going away from the lobby. As you pan left, it becomes increasingly difficult to count the number, but I estimate an additional 200-250.

    If these pictures alone were representative of the entire respective groups, they are outnumbered almost 3-1. Of course, the pictures don’t, but it is certainly a telling sign.

    I seem to recall somewhere Shannon was bragging(?) that they had 1000 members in each state. Woo-hoo. 50,000 people, assuming she’s not the liar she’s been proven to be. Compared to the NRA, at 4 million or so (it’s probably higher than that now). Even if all 100% of her made up 1000 members per state were the activist type that would fully participate in a boycott, and only 3% of the NRA members were the activist type to commit to a similar boycott, they’d be outnumbered.

    I’m glad to see them engage Kroger in this way, though. The more time and money and effort they spend trying to convince Kroger to bend to their will, the less time and money and effort can be spend elsewhere.

    1. “I seem to recall somewhere Shannon was bragging(?) that they had 1000 members in each state.”

      I know they don’t have that many in Iowa. They couldn’t even get 10 people to show up at the capital to protest a gun bill. They have one mouthpiece that occasionally writes a gun hating LTE.

      Math be hard for Mommies Demanding Attention.

      1. Even if you give them the benefit of doubt and say that ALL of those 120 that showed up to “protest” the NRAAM are from Tennessee and that the other states have the same, that’s only 6,000 members nation-wide (120 x 50 states) that can reliably be counted on to show up, IF their expenses are paid.

        IOW, the NRA can get 13 times that just by HAVING a meeting, let alone providing expenses!

        Also, “1,000 members in each state”? Please! NRA has 5 million members! That’s an average of 100,000 per state!

        Moms Demand Illegal Action from Mayors in Everytown seems to think they have a majority, and that the majority can vote away the rights of the minority. It’s a good thing (for them) that we don’t believe that, lest their rights to protest get voted away by the actual majority.

        Just sayin’. 🙂

  4. The bullies with boobs could only muster one mom with their stroller protest at our capital in VA this year. The joke was “don’t get run over in the lobby” during.

    The last I heard was 5,000,000 + members for the NRA and remember many are Life Members. The easy pay life program has been a hit with a lot of people I know. Can the boobed bullies claim any?


  5. The Kroger family of grocery stores (Krogers, Bakers, Kwik Shop, Loaf N’ Jug) has always been kinda grungy. I’ve never been to a Loaf N’ Jug that didn’t look like it’s just been robbed. If there was any chain of grocery stores I’d want to carry in, it’s Kroger.

    Whole Foods on the other hand, probably should ban guns. Not that I think I’m gonna get mugged at a Whole Foods. I’m just afraid what I will do if another hipster cashier says something sanctimonious to me after charging me $11 for a loaf of bread,

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