Smashed two fingers already, and found out that a week’s worth of research was done under the wrong parameters so all that goes to the waste basket icon and must start again.

I would like you to go visit Sean’s Blog and degust with merriment this great post: This is what winning looks like  as it touches on an old position of mine and it is now being used to screw with the Democrats.

One of the things Scott Adams says in his podcast is how the moments right before winning looks a lot like the moments right before losing. Let me explain how gun owners can seriously win on gun control while looking at all times like we gun owners are losing…

Privately, the White House has floated at least one particularly unorthodox idea: an app connected to the National Instant Criminal Background Checks system that could be used to conduct background checks on private gun sales, according to three senators and other officials familiar with the proposal who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the proposals have not been finalized. 

Now the gut reaction of most gun owners who are politically active will be “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” But before you jump up on that table and do your best Patrick Henry impression, let me explain why this is a good idea.

My official position remains the same: Fill the UBC hole with citizen’s access to NICS.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Monday is doing Monday Things.”
  1. Yes, but…
    Is there any way that we can keep UBC from being an effective gun registry? If it weren’t for that worry, UBC would be fairly harmless. But given that we know the opposition wants to create a registry, and that they want this so they can do confiscation, we have to worry about policies that amount to the establishment of such a registry.
    If it were possible to trust the government not to keep an archive of every background check, we wouldn’t have a problem. But of course it is not possible to trust the government that way.

    1. Is there any way that we can keep UBC from being an effective gun registry?

      Hell yes.
      Monkey wrench the damn system, just like everyone should monkey wrench ITAR & the FBI & NSA by downloading the Obsidian 4 app for the ATN scopes even if you don’t have one!

      Damn. Everyone wants to be so nice and civilized agaisnt an uncivilized opponent. Fuck That Shit!™

      You don’t try to hide, you so overload the system that the data becomes engulfed in background noise.

      Citizen public online access to NICS?

      I’ll get out a phone book and work on getting the DOB of everyone I can think of and run NICS checks on them. And everyone else should too.

      If they don’t write the law with absolutely correctly written legal safeguards to permit only submissions of actual transfers, it can be SWAMPED with checks for everyone and their sister’s husband’s cousin’s fiance.

      NICS checks names.
      NO weapon ID beyond ‘handgun’, ‘rifle’, or ‘other’ is entered. Incomplete transactions are filed in a separate folder from completed transactions.

      1. Here is your reason,

        I checked all my friends, colleagues, and neighbors BEFORE I invited them to go with me to the range. I wouldn’t want to bring a prohibited person to the range, would I? You wouldn’t want me sharing a firearm with a prohibited person, would you?

  2. I said this. This was my idea. I wonder who in Congress reads this blog.

    Yeah, I know it’s not enforceable without registration, but I don’t care. It’s enough of a bone to throw at the antis without any meaningful encroachment on our rights to be a decent compromise.

    I’d especially love it if it came with CCW reciprocity. That is something we’ll have to work on next.

    1. I didn’t mean “not enforceable without registration”.
      What I meant: the list of background checks IS the registration. If all legal gun transactions go through a background checks, then any gun that appears on the background check where John Doe is the buyer, and does not also appear on a later background check where John Doe is the seller, are currently in possession of John Doe. So if you want to confiscate John’s guns, you go to his house and demand those guns, since obviously he either currently has them, or he violated the law. In other words, UBC, in whatever manner implemented, is equivalent to a gun registry.
      (At least that is the case if there is a mandate to report stolen/lost guns, as various states have done.)

        1. Hm, now that sets off a chain of thoughts that might work. Not so much block chain, but anonymized secure communication.
          The intended buyer obviously can’t be anonymous, since that’s the identity being checked. But the seller can be. If so, then you don’t have the elements of the linkage chain needed to convert the UBC transactions into a registry.
          Suppose the request is anonymized — to be precise, the requestor’s identity is anonymous — but sent with secure integrity, passed through some semi-trusted intermediaries (TOR style). Say, ACLU, SAF, NRA,, ncc-1776, pick some — then to the NICS server. Reply comes back the same way.
          Reply is signed by NICS so it proves that the request was made and what the reply was. It doesn’t need to be logged (but could be if you want to, if it’s properly anonymized that’s not a problem).

    2. J.Kb; My, you’re easy to please. 🙂
      Online unlimited public access to NICS.
      CCW reciprocity
      HPA enacted
      18 USC 922 (o) & (r) repealed
      SBR/SBS/AOW gone (negotiable) .

  3. Sounds like the Illinois system, to purchase a firearm from another person you go to the state police web site and enter the serial number and both people’s foid card number. You get a transaction number approving the sale. Foid cards are issued by the state police and are required to purchase ammo or firearms

  4. This is not a new NICS check . It is access to the same NICS it is being used right now and by law cannot keep any information after a period of time.

    If nobody worried before, why the sudden rectal tightening?

  5. As an academic exercise –

    Manufacturer’s serial range for each production years are open source.
    Voter registration is public record.
    NICS has a data transfer protocol.

    Merge it all using a simple home rolled program.

    Starbucks has free wifi.

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