The wife came in and saw me looking on eBay at a big pair of Truck Nutz.

Her (firmly): “No, you cannot put Truck Nutz on your truck.”

Me: “I agree.”

Her: “Then why do you want them.”

Me: *Grins sheepishly.*

Her: “Tell me now.”

Me: “I want to make a flail.”

Her (very firmly): “NO!”

She won’t let me have any fun.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “More conversations with the wife”
  1. This is your wife.

    Even if your readers say yes, the answer is still No.

    Love you. Thank you for doing laundry tonight.

  2. Remembering what General McAuliffe said at Bastogne might be appropriate.

    My wife had said that we “absolutely don’t need a sewing machine” when I suggested that learning to sew would be a good thing for me to do in my retirement. I had a bit of trouble figuring out what she meant so I bought a machine on a great sale at a large internet retailer.

    Now she says, “hem these for me.”

    I would not suggest going against a “NO” as a regular thing.

  3. It is not even 7 yet and now I have to work the rest of the day sore from laughing uncontrollably for the past half hour. Face looks live I’ve been maced.

    Humbly request this project go forward and you post pictures of the finished product.

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