This time courtesy of the Violence Policy Center who brings you the “Teddy Bears are more regulated than guns” zombie.
VPC Teddy Bears

This is so brutally stupid, it gives me a headache. Imagine if teddy Bear manufacturing and sales were treated the same way guns are treated, you would not be able to sell one. Just having to put a serial number in each teddy bear, keep such strict bookkeeping that missing a box of those suckers would end up with a raid in your factory. Imagine toy stores having to keep equally tight bookkeeping on their stock of teddy bears and having to perform a background check on any adult that wants to buy one. Hell, imagine how pissed grandma would be if she is told she needs to fill a federal form in order to buy the stuffed ursus and go through the background check..and that conviction for pot possession back in the 60s comes back to bite her in the granny pants and she gets denied plus she just committed a felony: Prohibited Person attempting to buy a Teddy Bear as per US Code 18.

Is their cupboard so bare they are recycling crap that did not work before but they are willing to give it a try?

I can almost hear Josh Sugarmann saying “throw that teddy bear crap against the wall again. Let’s see if it sticks this time.”

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “More Gun Control Halloween tales.”
  1. Oddly enough NOBODY seems to give me a second glance when I allow my daughter to play unsupervised with a Teddy Bear.

    And before we dive into gun regulation, I would be in JUST as much trouble if I let my girl fish around through my knife drawer as I did if I let her muck around in my gun safe.

  2. Who plays with firearms? I guess anyone that would should not be trusted with them and certainly not their children.

  3. As a friend of mine said:
    “Everyone talks about gun control, but it occurs to me that *alcohol* control legislation would be hilarious– in a freedom-crushing, disastrous, don’t-give-them-ideas sort of way. They (you know, “they”) contend that gun control works, isn’t onerous, and is necessary for safety. Really, then, is there any choice but to regulate alcohol, which is implicated in so many accidents and assaults?
    Background checks, registration, serial numbers. Perhaps licenses. Hell, it’s not as if alcohol is an enumerated right, or necessary to effectively exercise a right like self defense. No one “needs” it.
    The police will be able to track the alcohol going to under-age binges and/or college parties. Since it’s not a right, they can go much farther than they do in restricting firearms. Power which they clearly claim to have, given the situation with drugs.
    Watching people who don’t know what onerous means suddenly squashed under the combined powers used to police gun dealers, food processors, and the war on drugs would be truly epic.
    “You’ve already purchased 288 fluid ounces of beer this month.”
    “This beer can found on the side of the road has a serial number registered to you. That’s an extra littering fine *at best,* possibly a straw purchase, negligent storage, or implied DUI.”
    “If you’re buying bulk barley, you’d better have a brewer’s license or a farm license– and we’ll be inspecting to make sure it’s really a farm.”
    “As you know, possessing a still and more than ten pounds of sugar constitutes constructive possession. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. I’m going to need to see your license. You don’t even have a consumption license with spirits endorsement? It’s not my problem if your county sheriff unilaterally refuses to issue them. How about your friend, here? Oh, we’re sorry, New York doesn’t recognize Ohio consumption licenses. A search of the premises found yeast, a glass jar, and twenty apples. We’re going to need to go downtown.”
    No one tell the government I suggested it.”

  4. So, is he also advocating that if someone buys a teddy bear, replaces its fluffy stuffing with bricks, then beats someone to death with it, that the teddy bear manufacturer should be sued for making a defective product?

  5. Sugarmann is right, you know. There is an entire government law enforcement agency with a billion dollar budget dedicated to this type of thing called the Bureau of plastic Animals, Teddybears, and Fluffy bunnies. There is no such thing for guns.

  6. All you hear is ridiculous claims and comparisons by the anti’s,it seems childish of sort.They want sane,educated,and responsible adults to buy in to this garbage they spit out.There is no rhyme or reason to their thinking and their ignorance of a object.

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