Remember my post from last month about the group of super-predators, as per Hillary Clinton’s nomenclature, in Minneapolis who were attacking people for their cellphones and beating them up?

Despite some arrests, this is continuing.

‘You Have To Be Alert Constantly’: Community In Shock After Man In Wheelchair Robbed On LRT

Nothing to see here.

Just a pair of Eagle Scouts on their way to lead a church youth service, liberating a handicap old man of his cellphone.

Two 14-year-old boys are suspected of attacking a man in a wheelchair and robbing him on a light rail platform near the state Capitol.

The incident happened Sunday, Aug. 25 at 4:30 in the afternoon. The video shows the two boys on bicycles approach the man, eventually knocking him over and stealing what appears to be his cell phone.

The man was sitting in his wheelchair on the eastbound platform when the attack happened.

From two different angles, the two teens are seen harassing the man. He tries to hide his phone, but they continue to go after it, eventually grabbing it and knocking him backward before taking off.

Again, I’m going to refer you to an older post, one about a video from BBC Three on moped crime.

When you are on a public street, put away your damn cellphone.  It’s hard, I know, trust me.  But nose down in your phone, not paying attention makes you vulnerable and shows off that $900 piece of technology you have.  To a thief, holding a new cellphone in your hand is like holding a fat stack of bills.  It’s something they just want to grab out of your hands and run away with.

Put it away.

Also, these youths are pretty vicious to attack a man in a wheelchair.

It might be a bad idea to shoot a 14-year-old, but a face full of mace from a guy in a wheelchair seems like a reasonable idea.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “More violent theft in Omar’s District”
  1. Of course, since the yutes were black and the victim was white, nothing will be mentioned of anything being ‘racially motivated’.

  2. Actually this happened in Saint Paul, in the middle of the state government office district; which is in Betsy McCollum’s district. Betsy is another liberal DFL drone. When Betsy gets challenged by some Woke diversity candidate, I expect she will not go quietly. She likes her little sinecure.

    I bet the victim feels so much safer knowing that guns are banned from all Metro Transit trains and buses.

    Saint Paul had a violent September, eight murders in September and twenty two total for the year to date. But the SP City Council and Mayor doesn’t think they need more police. The big story is a teenage black girl with mental issues attacked the police, and the police are in trouble for subduing her.

  3. St. Paul and Minneapolis both have latte drinking beta males for Mayors. They are both anti police…

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