Seen in The Daily Mail, because the British press is way better than ours.

Horrific moment a gang targeting drunk people for their cellphones viciously beats, stomps on and strips a man before hitting him with a potted plant and riding over him with a bicycle

What the actual fuck?

Holy shit that was brutal.

After going through his pockets, the perpetrators proceed to repeatedly punch the victim, kick him in the head and stomp on him.

While the man is lying supine on the ground, several of the assailants jump on him, and one of them body-slams the man.

The footage shows the attackers ripping the victim’s shoes and pants off, and trying to remove his boxer shorts.

The victim is seen in the video cowering and trying to protect his head with his hands from brutal blows raining down on him.

Towards the end of the footage, one of the most aggressive attackers, who is dressed in a light-blue shirt, hurls a potted plant at the victim, before another youth runs him over with a bicycle.

I am amazed that he survived.

I when that one punk jumped on his chest, I thought that would have broken ribs, collapsed a lung, maybe ruptured his spleen or liver.  That kind of thing kills people.

Some people have been arrested but not all of them.

So what are the lessons learned?

One: this guy was nose down in his cellphone while he was getting surrounded.  He wasn’t paying attention and allowed himself to get in the middle of a disaster.

Two: if you can carry, carry.  I don’t know if this guy was coming out of a place where he couldn’t carry, so I can’t entirely judge him on that.  But if you can’t carry, Lesson One applies double.  Don’t allow yourself to get into something dangerous if you are unable to defend yourself.

Three: if you can carry, make it the biggest gun with the highest capacity you can.  I have retired my snubby for a subcompact 45 with a 10 round mag.

Four: DO NOT LET YOURSELF GO DOWN.  If you end up on the ground, you are done.  Run, shoot your way out, stab a motherfucker in the eye with a pen if you have to, do not let yourself end up on the ground on your back.

Five: stay out of Ilhan Omar’s Congressional district.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “One video showing why you need to have situational awareness, concealed carry, and high capacity magaiznes”
  1. The culture war in action quotes:
    * On August 3, a gang of 12 teens and young men attacked and robbed a man near Target Field in Minneapolis
    * Surveillance video from the scene shows assailants punching, kicking and repeatedly jumping on victim after removing his pants.

    Who did what to whom? Can you guess at size, hair color, skin color from the information given? Gee, when they pull his pants and shirt off you can see that he’s a white dude. Looks like racist hate to me.

    1. Well, he just got “diversified” as f&*k.

      I’m sure that the cops who come to take the report being an accurate representation of the community will really make this guy feel better, too.

      On a side note, several times, I thought, “well, that’s it for him,” and yet he was able to stand back up and even fight back a couple times.

      Fighting back is mindset as much as it is physical.

  2. J. Kb – You carry a “subcompact 45 with a 10 round mag”? Isn’t that a bit hard to conceal? I’m of the opinion that if you can draw and fire a couple of rounds, the bad guys tend to disappear real quick. I live in sw Florida and never wear heavy clothing, so concealment is an issue.

    1. It depends on the person, the carry rig, and the clothing. In summer I carry a full-size double-stack 9mm under shorts and a T-shirt, and my wife usually has to ask if I’m carrying at all.

      Granted, I prefer shirts a size large anyway — I don’t like the “clinginess” around my mid-section. That helps.

  3. Five: stay out of Ilhan Omar’s Congressional district.

    I watched the video of the attack, noted the difference in apparent melanin content between the victim and attackers, double-checked the location (Minneapolis), and my brain did a quick cross-check of available information and asked itself, “Doesn’t Minneapolis — in addition to being Ilhan Omar’s district — have the largest concentration of Somali immigrants, many of whom have proven themselves quite violent, extremely xenophobic, and entirely unwilling to integrate into American society?”

    But concluding anything from all that would be RAAAY-SIIIST.

  4. Glock 29 when I was in the south and now that or a Glock 20 once I moved up north. In both cases a double stitched leather and kydex insert belt and a few extra G20 magazines fixed on makes me feel just dandy.Very doable with the proper holster and belt and me finally losing the extra pounds but boy do I appreciate getting home and changing into shorts and house gun.

    As was mentioned the suspicious lack of details in the news and police reports has created a kind of terrible ‘read between the lines’ short hand for folks paying attention.

    Hate that this happens but I’d love to pick the brain of these victims. Did they not notice or did they hope that not noticing would protect them? My more ‘enlightened’ city folk friends have said things along the lines of “just don’t notice they’ll leave you alone” or “oh we don’t even pay it any mind that’s just how it is here” which translates into eyes down shuffle walking and earbuds in everywhere. Directly opposite are my more scruffy friends who have been around the block and while they absolutely do NOT posture or front they do have their heads up and on a swivel. Who is where and who is watching them. Why? Who just moved. Who seems interested all of a sudden when someone’s car keys or phone comes out. So on so forth.

    Think about being on a bus or subway car when someone walks in holding their phone up to their ear blaring music on the speakers instead of using headphones. Folks instantly look up then sharply away and distinctly avoid glancing back in their direction. It’s a tough call because while its annoying it isn’t worth fighting over but these little instances of social contract abuse lead to greater and greater breaches of accepted behavior. The mere fact that asking them to turn it down or off creates a fight potential should tell you where we’re at.

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