Stuff and info still being gathered, so the 72-hour waiting period for facts still applies. (Updating numbers as I find out)

 93 115 133 people are now known to have died in a terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall on the outskirts of Moscow. 107 people are in hospital, with about 60 of them described as being in a serious condition. Authorities are yet to identify them all.
A number of gunmen stormed the concert hall, opening fire, and later set the venue ablaze. The Russian Investigative Committee said its preliminary findings were that the terrorists had used automatic weapons and flammable liquid to start the fire. There had been earlier reports that explosives were used.
Russian media has reported that president Vladimir Putin has been informed that 11 suspects have been detained, including four people directly responsible for the attack. A Russian lawmaker has claimed the two suspects were detained after a car chase in the Bryansk region, to the south-west of Moscow. The reports remain unverified.

Moscow concert hall attack: death toll rises to 93 as Putin told some suspects have been detained – live updates (

I am willing to bet many more were killed, especially in the fire.

You reckon they would have learned from the Chechen attack at  Dubrovka theatre in 2002 and many others, but as with any “good” government, they know real solutions require transferring power to the citizens and they are fearful selfish bitches when it comes to that.

Updated: Another video added (3rd in the list). If I find other relevant stuff, I will add it here.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Moscow Concert Hall Attack. (Videos)”
  1. There’s the obvious – “practice situational awareness,” “be armed everywhere,” “always have your IFAK,” “always have a bright tactical light so you can find your way,” and “know where the exits are” that we all constantly preach, but there are some other things that are useful. Looking at the videos, and it’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like the exit doors are glass and set in a glass wall; just as sheep bunch up at the farm gate, panicked people bunch up at the exit doors. If there are glass walls that glass is almost certainly tempered glass and tempered glass responds to tungsten glass breakers so you can probably “install an exit wherever you need one.” And, as for the flying glass fragments that will result, you do carry a pair of safety glasses with you in public, don’t you?

    1. I can tell you exactly when the last time was I attended a concert: April 21, 1995. Reba McEntire at the Miami Arena.
      And truthfully, I do not miss it. I want to do a SHOT show or NRAAM just because it will be full of like-minded people who would have no issue packing and using firearms in defense.

  2. On one hand, it is Ramadan, the style of attack matches known Chechen and ISIS styles of attack from the past, and there are a lot of old and ongoing beefs between Russia and various Muslim groups.

    On the other hand, the old NKVD/KGB/FSB boss still runs Russia, and false-flags or doing in people to justify something wouldn’t be beyond them. (Think of the “terror attack” on the Kremlin in Red Storm Rising as a model, not that governments needed Clancy for ideas.)

    On the gripping hand, 72-hour rule, and it IS Russia, which can still be “a riddle wrapped inside an enigma.” (h/t Winston Churchill)

    1. It’s well established that the “terrorist attacks” that helped Putin’s initial rise to power were in fact committed by the KGB, or whatever they were called at the time. So my first reaction was to suspect the same thing here.
      My second reaction, mostly from hearing that ISIS claimed it, was that perhaps it’s real. That assumes that the actual ISIS was doing the claiming, of course. I don’t know if that has been confirmed yet.

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