It’s a lovely Sunday morning in Huntsville, so we decided it would be perfect to mow the lawn.

I have NEVER been able to get an OSHA approved safety gas can to fill up the lawnmower without spilling gas everywhere.  Not to mention just how frustrating it is to try and use one of those.  Insert spigot, push down, still doesn’t dispense, have it slip and spray gas, try again…

I have to break federal law and take the spigot off and use a plastic fuel funnel and I don’t spill a drop.

They have regulated my gas can into being so safe on paper it’s a fucking hazard to use in real life.

If federal bureaucrats can make pouring gas into a lawnmower a dangerous, messy nightmare, why should they be allowed to touch anything more complicated?

Yeah, that’s what I think too.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Mowing the lawn is why I don’t want the government near my healthcare”
  1. I have spilled 10X more gas with the “new” nozzles than I did in 30+ years of using the old style.

    I now use NATO jerrycans with NATO nozzles. Both are available on teh interwebs.

  2. You could use one of our new California-approved paper drinking straws to siphon the gas from your gas can to your mower. All you’ll need is one paper straw, a hazmat suit, and an OSHA permit (check with your state, county, and local officials for regulations that may apply in your area).

  3. Started with CARB rules for no spill spouts. Also took away can vent and limited flowrate when using. Regulations eventually adopted at fed level . Throw in some lawsuits about “exploding gas cans” and idiots: and here we are.

  4. I just push down first, then use it as a normal fuel can, never caused me any trouble other than that extra step to start.

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