Watch this clip from MSNBC:

Did you catch that?

Maduro controls the military and only the military are allowed to have guns so despite all the protests, Maduro is safe to hang onto power.

That is some hard line, radical, Second Amendment insurrectionist type talk coming out of MSNBC.

Everyone on the Left knows that the 2A has nothing to do with being a bulwark against tyranny and everything to do with deer hunting.  That’s why you don’t need a handgun or AR-15 and if you think your puny pea-shooter, which is the most dangerous weapon ever made to fit in human hands, can take on a main battle tank you are a ammo-sexual idiot.

I guess the mask slipped just a little bit in that segment.

Which explains why the same people who are desperate to turn America into Venezuela are the same people who want to take your guns from you.

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By J. Kb

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