Our Super-Duper Secret Agent (A.K.A. Gail “Evil Princess” Pepin) went fearlessly and with supreme cunning over where MDA gathered to take some photographs. Seriously, I am starting to suspect that at least 10% of the crowd were NRA members doing the Gun Control Safari thing.

As you can see, all the photos are in a slide show. I haven’t been able to figure out how to manipulate it so it will not auto-start (If you know, tell me!) but just hit the pause button and click on the arrows for navigation. Use your Right Mouse button to open a desired picture to full size.

Found a gallery plug in that seems to be working. Click on the image and navigate at your pleasure. You can go Full Screen too.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”Moms Demand Nasville”]

Again, my eternal thanks to Gail Pepin who goes out of her way to provide us with Non-Filtered pictures of the Opposition.

And by the way, Do I detect cuts to Moms’ budget? Not quite the impressive set up as last year’s?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Music City played sour notes to Moms Demand.”
  1. So, is it safe to presume that nearly everyone not in a Demanding Moms shirt is either NRA members spectating, or MDA’s armed security?

  2. i forgot to mention that there was no sign of that bus they have been splashing all over their Facebook page. She arrived in a black SUV. I’ll bet that bus doesn’t exist.

  3. Run, Shannon, run.

    Pathetic turnout as it should be. I bet they would not like it if we advocated that their Third Amendment rights be violated. It’s just a few soldiers in your spare room…

    Same thing as what they propose.

  4. I’m curious. In photo #1 (guy in white, short sleeve, collared, button down shirt) and in photo #3 (next to white blouse lady). If you watch the youtube video when Shannon was speaking, he was behind her. He must have been on the security detail because during the video he kept touching his concealed firearm on his left hip. Since the park is gun-free, did MDA have to procure a special exemption or waiver from the city to allow guns at the event?

  5. Why are we spending so much f-ing time talking about a group of people we deem irrelevant? We’re the only one giving them exposure.

    Please stop.

    1. Because they still get Media attention. Because last Monday the posted an obvious lie that got carried without fact-checking all the way to the New York Times and if it wasn’t for every blogger, Twitter and activist calling foul, it would end up being the Narrative. Because The Brady Campaign was equally small, yet was unchecked and managed to inflict terrible damage to our Rights. Because we are more and we cover more “shelf space” exposing their lies and in doing so, we further our goals.
      We are not in a level paying field. Until they are dissolved like Million Mom March, they will fester again if unchecked.

      1. I’m confused. So they ARE relevant. And they ARE a threat. And with a a couple hundred people showing up for a rally, we need to worry about them.

        I couldn’t disagree more.

        I also disagree that the Brady Campaign “managed to inflict terrible damage to our Rights.” How?

        They’ve managed to do nothing significant in the years that they’ve been around and we’re stronger than ever. Using your words, “We win.” You’re always saying it. Isn’t it true?

        Or do we just like playing the pitiful victim role all the time? It’s one or the other, right?

        1. Until they are sunk, every Gun Control group is dangerous. Why? They can gather Media like potato chips and use it. Why Moms? because they have the huge financial power of Bloomberg and his standing as former mayor of New York City.
          Name one Gun Rights group that can snap fingers and not only get 5 TV stations and 4 major newspapers to come, but to publish puff pieces and even lies like they do for Moms and others. Just in free advertising they get millions every year while we have to either cough it up or battle it from a position of disadvantage.

          I also disagree that the Brady Campaign “managed to inflict terrible damage to our Rights.” How? I will assume you are in your late 20s or 30s if you are asking that question. We have a damned Federal law named after them and it was not because puppies were free that day. And it was used to piggyback the Assault Weapons Ban which eventually backfired by making ARs and similar rifles the most popular in the nation, but we came very close to be without them pretty much forever. They shaped the way Hollywood portrayed guns in movies to this day by going to studios and giving seminars to writers and producers. This was an organized force that actually shaped the culture of our nation for the worse.The image of a gun owner being a fat redneck living in a trailer, guzzling beer, porking the sister and going out at night setting fire to black churches comes from their bullshit. They had the access to media we could never achieve….till the Internet made its appearance.

          Their mistake was they never adapted in time, and when they finally did, they found out they were guilty of using they own product: They thought of us as the caricatures they asked to spread. They never thought we could be saavy in the new ways nor transmit our message.
          Now Shannon and Company are making the same mistake, in fact they are condemned to do so, otherwise they collapse faster because they would have to admit they were lying from day one.
          The day we win will be the day we get equal coverage and equal treatment in Mass Media. Since that is not gonna happen anytime soon, we take no quarters and keep treating them like they are 10 feet tall… and in my particular case wish for companies like the Miami Herald to go bankrupt because it means they still have not figured out that they are offering the wrong service to their readers.

  6. Excuse me if I think you’re being over dramatic.

    You highlight our wins in the legislature ever week. You mention how many members we get at our conventions. No one is getting their guns confiscated. Our side, like you point out repeatedly, is winning and we will continue to win because we are right. Yes, we must be vigilant…but we shouldn’t be paranoid or obsessive about it.

    To say all the above and then express concern about a group of 150 people who think differently than us is, excuse me, pitiful. And to give them the exposure that you keep providing them, free of charge, is dangerous to our movement.

    Sorry. That’s how I see it.

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