My candidacy for mayor of New York

I saw this headline on Fox News:

De Blasio pitches plan to seize private property of problem landlords, opponents cry ‘communism’

Liberal New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is rolling out a new plan that would potentially allow the city government to seize buildings of landlords who force tenants out — a plan his opponents say amounts to “straight communism.”

I think I’m going to change my name, move to NYC, register as a Democrat, and run for mayor.

One of my campaign promises will be:

I am tired of hearing about the poor people suffering under bad landlords and watching the homeless get sleep in our parks and subway stations.  Under my Mayorship, the rich will be forced to house the these less fortunate New Yorkers in their spare bedrooms and guest houses.  It’s not right that in this city, where so many people struggle with housing, the wealthy are able to have more bedrooms than they need.

Unlike the current Mayor, I’m going to actively try to turn the Big Apple into Caracas.

I will be hailed as a Lefty hero.

One Reply to “My candidacy for mayor of New York”

  1. The man is as dumb as the day is long. The Constitution would require that the City buy the houses for a fair price under the Fifth Amendment’s Just Compensation Clause. Seems to me if he really was going to do this, the landlords would line up to sell their buildings.

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