My Dad

A little after 5:00 am Eastern time, my dad passed.  His battle against lymphoma was short.

He was an attorney.  He taught me about the Constitution, raised me to debate the law, and instilled in me a love of politics.

He was the man that taught me to shoot and that it was the responsibility of every able bodied Jew to be armed, because when we said “never again” we mean it.

He was the man that made me the man I am today.

He was a father of three and a grandfather to one, my son.

He is loved.

He will be missed.

I love you dad.


16 Replies to “My Dad”

  1. Very sorry for your loss.
    Write down everything on your mind about your Dad. Right now. Your future self will thank you.
    It’s been ~20 years since my Dad passed and I regret not doing that every time I think of him.

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