Let’s start with a disclaimer..or claimer: I have changed this post (and my mind) three times since I originally wrote it.

It seems everybody is having fits and conniptions about The Curve…and the thing is indeed ugly as in “Not the Traditional Look.”


It looks like a shrunken version of Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver.

And it is well…curved…no sights….


But here is the thing: I have come around from my initial impression of “What the frakking frak?” to thinking the gun’s concept is genius. First, Taurus has dared to defy Gun Manufacturers by producing a gun that has a light and a laser…and a retail price of under $400. That has to have rattled more than one cage in some traditional gun headquarters.

Second, it does look like a  shrunken version of Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver. Hell, it looks like them fantasy guns you see in modern video games…and ladies and gentleman, that is the hook. This is the first gun designed for Gun Culture 2.0, the one with the tats, piercings and taking on without fear the forces of Evil Gamergaters and other Social Justice Warriors.

If this thing goes ‘bang” every time and has no major issues, I expect Taurus to sell this thing like there is no tomorrow.  We might be seeing The Judge part 2. The Fudd among us will still cringe at the thought of being seen holding and shooting one of these babies, but it was not that long ago (OK it has been) that the idea of shooting an European gun made of plastic and not based on the designs of John Moses Browning was enough to send you to solitary confinement at your local range.

Since I am not in the Cool Gun Bloggers Circuit, I am going to wait till one of the local gun ranges have one for rental to try it out after it is released.  And might be too early to start asking Taurus for a Curve in 9mm?

I  might be wrong, but I have the feeling we are gonna see some weird-looking guns come SHOT Show 2016-17.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “My opinion on Taurus The Curve: A gauntlet has been thrown.”
  1. I think it’s an awesome idea. Don’t know how well it actually works, but I think that SOMEONE in every industry has to think differently if the industry is going to progress into the future. This is one way to think differently. I think your “for Gun Culture 2.0” comment is right on target.

    I’m right-handed but left-eye dominant, so I shoot lefty. But I would possibly consider this as a backup gun, especially given that it’s made to be a “point and shoot” type gun.

    I could also see it being an option for those who really don’t want to carry a gun at all but feel they need to carry something for protection and have concluded that a gun is the best option.

    Any idea how you turn the lights/laser on and off?

  2. Howdy Miquel,
    I have only three complaints about this design. No iron sights, obviously right-handed, (I’m a lefty) and the caliber doesn’t begin with the number 4.
    The sight issue is easily fixable. However, it does satisfy rule one of a gunfight. That is to have a gun. And they very possibly will sell like hotcakes. I’m personally very leery of counting on batteries for self defense. I even recall a scene in “Firefly” where that happened.
    I also wonder how well that curved magazine feeds into the well and if you need to put some English into pushing it in.

  3. What on earth part of the design concept made sights be stricken from the plans? That’s idiotic. That’ll cut their potential sales right there by 90% at least. The engineer to make that decision might as well start packing right now. I’d have thought about buying it if it proved reliable and HAD SIGHTS. Lasers are cool…but you need sights. Period. No sights, no purchase.

    1. And yet so many of the smaller revolvers and a few of the mousegun-type pistols – the ones that have sold consistently since they came out – have a gutter on the top of the frame that the manufacturer refers to as a “sight”.

      If the laser is good enough to be seen on the target in bright daylight and comes on without needing a separate manipulation after grippping the gun then I’m all for it.

      It’s not being touted as a 25-yard gongringer. Heck, not even a 25-foot one. Up close and personal (from the mythical/mystical 21 feet on in) seems to be its niche.

      Like Miguel I’m goinng to wait for someone else to wring it out and find any mechanical problems before I think about buying it. Wasn’t that what folks said when the first hancannone came out?

      stay safe.

    2. Because the vast majority of self defense shootings occur at bad breath range, so why put tiny sights on a tiny gun that is going to be used at 7 yards or less? If it goes bang when needed it will have done its job, it is a .380 pocket pistol, not a full sized service pistol, judge it based on its intended use and it makes a ton of sense.

  4. I am interested, but the vertical skew in the frame is a bit of a massive turn-off for me.

    Have to see how it feels if I find it at a gun show.

    *Nitpick about the post itself: “Gamergaters and other Social Justice Warriors.”

    You’re forgiven for being a gun blogger not a gamer, but this is like when people talk about how GunFreeZone is an anti-gun blog. Gamergate are the good guys fighting against the SJWs.

      1. Here’s the first part of what is actually a pretty good primer on the whole thing. Strong language warning.
        Also, InternetAristocrat is hilarious.

        I know it’s not guns, but the whole thing did rather explode into a question of freedom and accountability, and “Gamergate” itself was actually coined by Adam Baldwin. Could be good for a blog post.

  5. Taurus likes to jump the shark every once in a while. Some engineer in Brazil gets a wild hare of an idea to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. But the company runs with it.

    The last two were the 85VTA which was a model 85 with the barrel and grip cut down to practically nothing Less than an inch of barrel and just enough grip to get two fingers on. Not a big seller, didn’t conceal any better than any other snub nose and ergos were a whole lot worse.

    Before that it was the Raging Judge Magnum, because that’s a hell of a name. It was based on the Raging Bull frame but handled .45 LC, .454 Casull and 3 inch .410, shot none of them well, and weighed about as much as a Desert Eagle.

    I don’t see what this does that any other sub compact 380 doesn’t do. Yeah, it’s got the Laser. So does my S&W Bodyguard. Never actually used the Laser on that just because you have to push the button to turn it on. Drawing from the pocket in a pinch, I’m not gonna get the laser on that fast. The laser on my LCR works great, since its a crimson trace system and goes on when you grab the grip.

    If somebody wanted to do something novel, make the button part of the frame and run the wiring internal to the frame so it is like the crimson trace system integrated into the gun. If I have to push a separate button, it isn’t worth it on a pocket pistol

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