My surveillance system is being sabotaged.

By spiders. The frigging spiders are driving me crazy.  I guess the IR lights attracts them at night and they decide it is gonna be cool to weave web in front of the camera.  The good news is that the camera does not see the web, the bad news is that the camera does see the frigging bug pottering all over the damn place and that trigger alerts.

I have covered the lens and sprayed repellant on the camera, but it seems not to affect them.

Any ideas?

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  1. Going with Dave’s idea, sort of, I have heard (and used) lemon scented Pine-sol which supposedly, spiders don’t care for. Don’t know how well it works down there in Florida, but here in CO, where we don’t have as many bugs/spiders etc, it seemed to work pretty well.

  2. My thought was hedge apples, my wife said peppermint oil. Looks like somebody beat us to it ( I’ve never heard them called hedge balls, that’s a new one on me)

  3. your going to have to get the light away from the camera. The spiders built their web there because, like Willie Sutton, the bank robber said. that’s where the money is. Web building spiders are nearly blind. They can see motion, and light and dark. Basically put the light far enough away so the spiders build their web there, instead of in front of the camera. If you can make the camera move back and forth, that will work too. I once worked in public garden where they installed a coke machine. They eventually had to remove it because spiders kept building a web inside the machine in front of the bill reader, which has a light. A repairmen would come in every month, and open up and clean out the web. Finally they just gave up. By the way, repellents dont work well because web spiders don’t touch anything other than their web. And many species build a new one every day. Any exterminator will tell you this.

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