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11 thoughts on “Need a Library favor.”
  1. The closest library is 150 miles away in Miami so I won’t be able to help, but I did order the only used paperback edition I could find online—could not find a hardcover anywhere, but the paperback was rated in excellent condition. Should get it June 4, which I doubt will be soon enough for your purposes.

  2. I have one 35 miles from me. I would have to make the unfavorable trip to liberal hellhole Seattle but I could do it. What edition do you need those pictures of and by what date?

  3. I’m a reference librarian in San Antonio. My library has other books by this author, but not the one you need. According to WorldCat, the nearest copies are in Dallas and in Laredo–both too far for me to make a trip right now. Specifically, it’s at Dallas College and Laredo Public Library. I can get my hands on it via InterLibrary Loan, but that takes time. How soon do you need this, and how urgent is it?

    In your shoes, I’d make some phone calls and try to get in touch with a reference librarian in a location that has it, explain that it’s urgent, and ask for a small favor. If I had it, I’d be sending the images to you right now. I’d start with academic libraries, because many of them are in summer mode, like us, and the librarian on duty (me at this moment) at the reference desk is probably bored and looking for something to do like this!

    According to WorldCat, 79 libraries have the physical 2011 edition by Anderson (a subsidiary of Elsevier Publishing). I tried all the WorldCat entries for electronic copies of that edition, but everything is either behind a login that denies me access or is unavailable, including’s Open Library. Sorry I can’t be of more help. 🙁

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